20 Animals That Don’t Need Your Stupid Rules, No Matter What You Think

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While they might not wear leather coats or get around on motorcycles, there’s no denying that many animals have a intensity to be straight-up badasses.

Humans might consider they order a roost, though when it comes to these animals, there’s a new turn of insubordination in city and it’s here to stay. Whether it’s blatantly ignoring their owners or removing into difficulty that they had no business removing themselves into, manners were meant to be broken, and that’s accurately what these nuggets are going to do.

So while these 20 animals might demeanour lovable and cuddly, we guarantee these guys and gals have utterly a rebel streak.

1. “Can’t go over it, so I’ll have to go by it.”

Can't go over it, so I'll have to go by it.

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2. Like father, like son.

Cat teaches kitten to mangle a rules

3. Talk about fake advertising.

Talk about fake advertising.

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