20 Twitter Users Who Are Really Into The Idea Of Being Watched By The FBI

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It’s been pronounced that Big Brother is always watching, and if we were to ask these Twitter users, they’d positively agree.

It might usually be February, though when it comes to Twitter memes, 2018 is already off to a good start. Unless you’ve been vital underneath a rock, you’re substantially informed with a Twitter emplacement that a smartphones and other record inclination are gripping a lives underneath notice interjection to a individually-assigned FBI agents. (Okay, that’s not real, though it’s waggish to consider about!) Still, maybe you’ve even lonesome adult a webcam on your laptop to forestall “the man” from espionage on we during any given time. we know we have!

Hilariously, these tweeters are flattering penetrating on a thought of Big Brother watching.