2018 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge

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Submit your confidant thought for a possibility to accept C$5,000 in seed appropriation and benefaction your origination to North America’s tip environmental officials in Oklahoma City, United States this summer.

North America is confronting obligatory and formidable sustainability challenges. Citizen leadership—including youth—is some-more vicious than ever to keep a movement going toward a adoption of cleaner, carbon-neutral technologies and policies that safeguard tolerable expansion and pursuit origination opposite North America.

As today’s visionaries and tomorrow’s decision-makers, immature leaders will expostulate a immature expansion innovations that are vicious to a tolerable future.

Canada, Mexico and a United States need innovative science, record and business solutions to North American’s common sustainability challenges. Students and immature entrepreneurs are speedy to share innovative ideas that:

  • Create improved or some-more effective products, processes, services, technologies, business models, marketing, supply bondage and/or partnerships for a advantage of society, a economy and a environment.
  • Contribute to a healthy item bottom of North American economies, formulating immature jobs and/or mercantile opportunities for adults in North America;
  • Make good business clarity in terms of profitability and intensity for growth.

Show us what you’ve got! Submit your splendid thought and advantage from a common comprehension of girl opposite North America.

Make certain to tell us about your immature thought on a Youth Innovation Challenge Facebook page or Twitter regulating a #Youth4Innovation hashtag! Follow a CEC on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CECconnect or on Twitter during https://twitter.com/CECweb.

Source: cec.ideascale.com

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