22 Dogs After Surgery That Are Too Good (And Too Funny) For This World

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Twice a year, we have a awful exasperation of boring my shocked dogs to a vet.

No matter how most we wish we could explain that all will be excellent and it’s for their possess good, they only don’t know and ensue to act like they’re going to a slaughterhouse instead. What creates it even worse is when they have to go by medicine and get totally unperceiving adult thereafter — yet we have to acknowledge that examination them cope with their altered existence is flattering entertaining.

It isn’t tough to see that these 22 bad puppers only came behind from a vet’s bureau since they’re totally strung out after surgery.

1. “Why won’t a room stop spinning?”

Why won't a room stop spinning?

Reddit / WhateverGreg

2. “This cot is like, sooo soft.”

3. She only needs to nap it off.

She only needs to nap it off.

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