23 Funny, Punny Photos Show That Maybe Not All Humans Are Awful And Stupid

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If there’s one thing that can uncover we who we unequivocally are, it’s substantially puns.

We all know people who get ridiculously angry during puns, hurl their eyes and pierce on, grin to themselves, or start a joke fight when confronted with a good play on words. Personally, we consider they’re flattering fun, and it’s overwhelming when something “punny” can be prisoner on camera, too. Here are 23 times people posted images of situational puns to amicable media.

1. “Spotted a mom cat kindly carrying her child today.”

Spotted a mom cat kindly carrying her child today.

Reddit / Schwoopty

2. “Screenshot.”


Reddit / MashLuke

3. “A prolonged layover during a airport.”

A prolonged layover during a airport.

Reddit / lukasplus