3 New Superfoods to Try This Spring

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From kale to açaí berries, there have been a series of superfoods many of us have combined to a diets in new seasons. With foodies sketch their impulse from health-conscious stars like Beyoncé and also building a ubiquitous regard for tolerable eating, plant-based diets have been on a rise. For those of us who are omnivores and wish to confederate a latest in healthful plants into a menus, we have curated a list of renouned new superfoods. Whether we are scheming a post-gym dish to feed your complement or looking for a guilt-free dessert option, try gripping these food options in mind for Spring 2017. 

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Watermelon Seeds

Instead of spitting out those small black seeds, save them for a juicy and profitable break later. Watermelon seeds are high in magnesium, iron and a healthy fats that can also find in avocados and almonds. Try peppers them with natural, perfumed spices like cumin and cayenne pepper, for a flavorful provide that also satisfies your ambience buds. If we wish to mix a seeds into a meal, they can also be sprinkled over soups and salads as a garnish. 

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Chaga Mushrooms

This sour and sharp fungus is pronounced to be a best medicinal fungus out there. Full of antioxidants, a chaga fungus is a immune-boosting superfood. The many renouned approach to devour a fungus is by celebration it in a form of tea. Blend it into a excellent powder, disintegrate with prohibited H2O and let it high for approximately 5 minutes, before sipping your prohibited drink. 

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Raw Cocoa Nibs

For many of us with a honeyed tooth, chocolate is a many formidable food to give adult when perplexing to eat healthier. However, tender cocoa nibs are a good choice when we wish that chocolately indulgence, but a calories or additional sugar. They are a plain source of iron, twine and magnesium, that make them a ideal deputy for desserts or even simply as an afternoon snack.