4-legged Table That Never Rocks

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A three-legged list will always lay flat, though they are inconstant and easy to hit over. A four-legged list have fast base, though if a belligerent is not ideally prosaic underneath it, it’s going to stone behind and onward between dual triangles, spilling your coffee for instance. Off-course we can put something under a high leg, though it’s not a genuine solution. Chris Heyring built the No-Rock list – a four-legged list that’s designed to lay ideally fast on all 4 legs, either a building is even or not.

The tip is simple,it’s all in a figure of a list feet, that are designed to fit loosely together when there’s no bucket on them. When a list is placed down, a feet gaunt on any other to emanate a fast bottom in that any leg can settle during a tallness of a building underneath it. No-Rock is already rolling a complement out in Europe, Australia and North America. To see it in action, watch a video below.

Source: No-Rock

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