5 Strange Places That Are Blacked Out By Google Maps

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It’s substantially protected to contend that Google Maps is one of a biggest technological innovations of a final 10 years. With usually a few clicks, we can perspective any place on a face of a Earth.

Well, almost any place.

There are some areas of Google Maps that, for one reason or another, are secluded or vaporous in some really apparent ways. Here are a 5 many suspicious-looking ones…

1. Junction Ranch, CA

Junction Ranch, CA

Google Maps

Junction Ranch is in a center of California’s Mohave Desert. There lies a puzzling airstrip…some trust it’s partial of a China Lake proof grounds, that is an atmosphere force contrast plcae for drones. While that’s questionable in and of itself, even weirder is that usually tools of a bottom are vaporous from Google Maps. When we wizz in on a base’s location, there are tools of buildings intentionally scratched out. What’s going on down there?

2. Sandy Island

Sandy Island

Google Maps

Sandy Island was detected by Captain Cook during his explorations of and around Australia in a late 1700s. However, notwithstanding a island being seen on maps for a final 200 years, a area where Sandy Island is presumably located is mysteriously confused out on Google Maps. Something doubtful is going on there.

3. Thule Air Base, Greenland

Thule Air Base, Greenland

Google Maps

During a Cold War, a U.S. had B-52 bombers carrying chief weapons on a unchanging basis. This plan was ostensible to offer as a halt to a Soviets. However, accidents occur and in 1968 a craft carrying a chief cargo crashed while holding off from Thule Air Base in Greenland. During a crash, a chief arms was pronounced to have expelled a poignant volume of deviation into a surrounding environment. The area of a pile-up is still confused out on Google.

4. Kangtega, Nepal

Kangtega, Nepal

Google Maps

This puzzling area in a Himalayan Mountains is totally blacked out on Google Maps. While a intensity reasons because it’s blocked operation from a troops bottom to Nazi UFOs, it’s doubtful that we’ll ever know a full story. That is, unless we wish to travel adult all 22,000 feet to find out.

5. Siberia, Russia

Siberia, Russia

Google Maps

Russia’s immeasurable northern forests are clearly a hotbed of paranormal and generally unexplained activity. While many of us wouldn’t worry looking during a timberland on Google Maps, a Russian supervision isn’t holding any chances. Deep in a Siberian forest is an area of land that from distant divided looks normal…however, when we demeanour closer, it’s really apparently copied and pasted from another place. The embankment usually doesn’t synch up. So that begs a question, what’s going on here?

Check out a video deliberating all 5 of these places.


Well, those are flattering darned mysterious. we consternation if Google is operative in joining with some immorality army in a universe to cover these sites up, or if something else wholly is during play.