A Case That Allows You To Stick Your Phone To Flat Surfaces Without Being Sticky

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Zero G is anti-gravity box that allows we to hang your phone to many smooth, prosaic surfaces but being sticky. It uses a energy of nano-suction to concede your phone to challenge gravity. Zero G cases will hang to glass, tile, immaculate steel, mirrors, countertops, white boards, mechanism screens, windows, and even some walls.


The Case is a thin, durable with somewhat lifted edges that strengthen your shade from drops. It is trim, adding 3mm to a density of your phone.


The nano-suction element cleans adult with only water, self-heals and is heat resistant. To clean, simply clean down your Zero G with H2O or any other cleaning solution.


The plan is already saved on a KickStarter and reached a idea of $25.000. The section cost is $39 and estimated smoothness is on May of 2015.

Source: KickStarter