A Cop Saw A Mama Duck Freaking Out. Then He Did Something Adorable!

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While out for a walk, Susan Carnes stumbled on a organisation of little ducklings stranded in a charge drain.

Unsure of what to do, Carnes called Tampa Police and before long, Officer Cameron Greene arrived to save a day. After retrieving a vast bluster bar from his patrol car, he pried open a charge abrade and hopped inside in hopes of rescuing a stranded ducklings. In roughly no time during all, Greene was means to turn adult a duckings and reunite them with their panicked mother.

He even went so distant as to beam them to a pool nearby!


(via LiveLeak)

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Thanks to Officer Greene’s bravery, these ducklings were means to reunite with their mom and live out a rest of their days in ducky bliss. Share this overwhelming rescue with someone who could use a good reason to smile.