A singular exoskeleton that helps to overcome knee problems: KineticStep

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The expansion gave a tellurian being such changed present as legs, that pierce in suitability with earthy properties of a pendulum, and their intensity is not entirely unbarred yet. The thing is that usually considerate attrition force resists giveaway continual transformation of a pendulum and revolution of a wheel.

Image credit: kineticstep.com

When building KineticStep, a pivotal charge was to give a male a probability to travel as simply and well as a circle rolls. However, carrying solved a categorical biomechanics problem – optimization of travel of a ubiquitous core of man’s mass, a pattern formed on pendulum resource communication also suggested a series of certain effects germane in medicine. Load on legs joints and spinal mainstay reduced significantly. Ability to travel but knees tortuous promises probability of exoskeleton fit use in box of knee corner injuries or diseases.

Source: kineticstep.com

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