A Woman Eating Live Scorpions Is Horrifying…I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin

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One of a best tools of roving is experiencing a culinary delights of opposite tools of a world.

From a Western perspective, China offers adult some of a most…unique dishes of all time. More specifically, Chinese travel food is distinct anything you’ll find in many tools of North America or Europe.

As evidence, we benefaction to we a following video. It facilities a lady during a marketplace in China enjoying some juicy skewers…of live, baby scorpions. we know — it sounds insane. Stranger yet, she seems to be honestly enjoying a ambience of them.

Best not to watch this around lunchtime, we think.


I’m all for perplexing new foods, though we consider eating squirming baby scorpions is only a small too outlandish for me. To any their own, as they say.