After Having Knee Surgery, This Girl Had The Most Hilarious Conversation With Her Mom

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Going underneath a blade can be stressful for a lot of reasons.

In this day and age, though, one of those reasons happens to be a effects of anesthesia. Thanks to smartphones and digital cameras, some quite annoying moments can be held on film (and afterwards common on amicable media). In a vicious turn of fate, immature people (those some-more expected to be broke over such an event) occur to be some-more reactive to anesthesia. So, it’s a ideal charge of hilarity.

One Twitter user, Julia Sherman, was waking adult from being put underneath for knee surgery…and a review she had with her mom is hilarious.

Balls were on her mind (and I’m rolling on a building laughing):

And to think, this was Julia before a drugs took over.

At slightest she was a good competition and common a video for a internet to enjoy. Thanks, Balls Girl!