Amazing Video Of Sharks Swimming Through School Of Fish Is Something You Have To See

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When a large propagandize of menhaden, or fort fish, recently collected in a Hamptons on Long Island, a organisation of propitious sharks took advantage of a easy meal.

Vacationer Tovi Sonnenberg was flattering propitious himself when he beheld a fish swimming nearby a seaside while he was on a beach on Aug 16. “We saw striking in a water,” he said. “The lifeguard came by and pronounced there was a feeding frenzy with dolphins and sharks. It couldn’t have been 10 feet from a shore.”

That’s when he motionless to lift out his worker and record about 50 feet from a shore. He finished adult capturing a extraordinary footage of sharks creation their approach by a propagandize below.

(via Global News)

This is so pleasing and infrequently balmy to watch. Sonnenberg should be really unapproachable of what he was means to film!