Amazing Video Shows Doctor Turning A Breech Baby Still In The Mother’s Womb

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In a weeks before they’re born, many babies pierce into a position with their heads down and closest to a birth canal.

If they don’t, they sojourn in what’s called a breech presentation, with their bum and feet where their heads should be — a riskier position to be in during birth that mostly leads to cesarean deliveries. Wanting to equivocate carrying a c-section, mom-to-be Vanessa Fisher and her husband, Nick, attempted a series of opposite ways to get their breech baby to move, all to avail. That’s when they were referred to Dr. Frederick Cummings, an OB-GYN, who delicately incited their unborn son with his hands.

Nick prisoner a heated nonetheless extraordinary routine on camera, that we can perspective below.


Ah, a spectacle of life — and birth! It’s good to see that small Ashton was innate happy, healthy, and head-first.