An Exiled Cleric Denies Playing a Leading Role in Coup Attempt

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Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish minister vital in outcast in a United States, denied moving an attempted manoeuvre in his home country, observant “through troops intervention, democracy can't be achieved.”

Charles Mostoller for The New York Times

SAYLORSBURG, Pa. — Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish minister whom President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has indicted of moving a manoeuvre try opposite his government, gave a singular talk on Saturday during his devalue here in that he denied impasse in a coup, yet compared Mr. Erdogan’s administration to that of a Nazi SS.

“My summary to a Turkish people is never to perspective any troops impasse positively,” Mr. Gulen said, vocalization to reporters by an interpreter, “because by troops intervention, democracy can't be achieved.”

While decrying a manoeuvre attempt, Mr. Gulen also concurred that he could not order out impasse by his followers, observant he is uncertain who his supporters are in Turkey.


Gulen Denies Involvement

Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim minister vital in self-exile in a U.S. and a domestic opposition of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, insisted Saturday that he had no impasse in Friday’s attempted coup.

By REUTERS on Publish Date July 16, 2016.

Photo by Charles Mostoller for The New York Times.

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The personality of a Turkish Muslim sect, Mr. Gulen and his supporters have built a tellurian religious, amicable and nationalistic movement, and are also deliberate to be a pushing force behind some-more than 100 licence schools in a United States.

At a core of his movement, promoted as a brotherly form of Islam, is a judgment of Hizmet, that his supporters report as a form of open service.

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After a brief lapse to Turkey following a stay during a Mayo Clinic, Mr. Gulen has lived in self-imposed outcast in a United States given a late 1990s. At a time, he was indicted of attempting to foster an Islamic state in Turkey, yet was eventually privileged of those charges. At one point, though, a United States supervision attempted unsuccessfully to have Mr. Gulen deported since it pronounced his visa had been improperly granted. A sovereign decider in Pennsylvania blocked that move.

In a televised debate on Saturday, President Erdogan pronounced a United States should extradite Mr. Gulen to Turkey; Secretary of State John Kerry pronounced progressing in a day that he would examination any extradition requests for Mr. Gulen.

“Obviously, we would entice a supervision of Turkey, as we always do, to benefaction us with any legitimate justification that withstands scrutiny,” Mr. Kerry pronounced during a revisit to Luxembourg. “And a United States will accept that and demeanour during it and make judgments about it appropriately.”

At his assembly with reporters, Mr. Gulen pronounced conjunction he nor any of his aides had been contacted by sovereign authorities.


Turkey Wakes Up to Aftermath of a Coup

A unsuccessful manoeuvre try on Friday night has gripped Turkey. By Saturday morning, thousands of soldiers had been detained, indicted of perplexing to overpower a government, and civilians were left in a state of unease.

By TURNER COWLES and MEGAN SPECIA on Publish Date July 16, 2016.

Photo by Gokhan Tan/Getty Images.

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Mr. Gulen’s network controls billion-dollar business interests such as media companies, banks and construction firms. His operations have captivated a good understanding of inspection by a United States government, quite associated to his movement’s licence schools, that have alien hundreds of Turkish teachers, many of them scientists with modernized degrees. Recently, Mr. Erdogan’s supervision filed a censure opposite Mr. Gulen’s network of some-more than 30 schools in Texas.

While denying impasse in a manoeuvre attempt, Mr. Gulen was rarely critical, however, of Mr. Erdogan’s administration.

“They have confiscated properties; they have confiscated media organizations; they have damaged doors; they have tormented people in a conform identical to Hitler’s SS forces,” Mr. Gulen said.

“They have no toleration for any organisation not in their sum control,” he added.

He applauded “Hizmet” participants — regarded as his supporters — who had been arrested. “In annoy of all that has been finished to them, they did they not review to violence,” Mr. Gulen said. “This shows that they are on a right path.”

Reporters had collected outward Mr. Gulen’s devalue here on Saturday, along with a few pro-Erdogan protesters carrying Turkish flags. In further to a debate of a grounds, that are used as a investigate shelter by a movement’s followers, reporters were given entrance to Mr. Gulen’s private room, that was furnished with a mattress on a building and a space heater, as good as dozens of books.

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