An Interview With Helena Padilla

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This is a quote from Helena Padilla’s Facebook page: “Every pro was once an amateur. Every consultant was once a beginner. So dream big. And start now!!” This quote says a lot about who Padilla is and what kind of warrior she wants to become. This lady needs a fight!

Three years ago, she began her MMA training, and Dec 2016 was her initial Muay Thai fight, and her initial win. She enjoys a competition and says her Nov. 2, 2017 competition will bewail walking into a ring.

Padilla pronounced it was her idea to contest when she started training. “I would watch a girls quarrel and we would consider they are so awesome! Now that we am doing it and we suffer it.”

However, it is not easy being a lady in this sport. Padilla is a usually lady during her gym and trains with group who are heavier than her. She believes this is a common emanate since there are not many womanlike pledge Muay Thai fighters.

At 119 pounds, she does not demeanour like a fighter, therefore, people consider she is easy to beat. She has had dual Muay Thai bouts and won them both.

Padilla is also a college student, so her days are bustling with classes, homework, and training. The week of a fight, she trains Monday by Wednesday. Then she rests and spends time with her family and friends.
She works for Combate Americas holding caring of a fighters. The pursuit allots her broadside and sponsors. Possible opponents consider she is semi-pro! She wants to quarrel her approach to a tip and she is struggling for that chance.

To mentally ready for a quarrel she focuses on her training. She is wakeful that her competition contingency be a good warrior and she respects them. Padilla says she could win or lose, so she tries to keep ease and tells herself it is another sparing. “I punch with men. It can’t be worse than that.”

Her subsequent quarrel is Nov. 24, 2017, opposite Lizeth Castaneda (Squiggle over n), in Mexico City.

Padilla wants her fans to know that she is operative to urge each day. No matter what, she will never consider her opponents are weaker than her. Martial humanities is not an easy sport. She respects anyone in martial humanities since she understands how tough it is and a sacrifices that are required.

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