An Uneasy Orlando Mourns Shooting Victims

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Matt Mitchell during a commemorative outward a Dr. Phillips Center for a Performing Arts in memory of a victims of a Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

ORLANDO, Fla. — This Central Florida city awoke on Tuesday to a deep, nervous anguish as officials identified all 49 people fatally shot during a nightclub early Sunday and with new questions outset about a male who a military contend committed a slaughter.

The whole retard surrounding a Pulse nightclub was blocked off with a black-screened fence, with a wider area cordoned off with yellow military tape. Businesses — quick food restaurants, gas stations and sell stores — were closed, and a complicated fortuitous of news media stood nearby.

Among a throng were Al and Kelley Mauro, who came to compensate respects to a friend, Luis Vielma, 22, who died in a shooting. All 3 had once worked together during Universal Studios in a Disaster Studios section.

“We found out Sunday afternoon on Facebook after his father posted a news,” Ms. Mauro pronounced by tears. “We’re holding it flattering hard. We invited him to a wedding.”

The 3 had recently been perplexing to get together to locate up, though Mr. Vielma, who had a partner and was attending Pulse for a initial time Saturday night, had been bustling during work.

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“And now he’s gone,” Ms. Mauro said.

On Monday night, thousands of people collected on a grassy geography in downtown Orlando for a candlelight burial that was by turns daring and melancholy.

“We have come together as a force here in Orlando that can't be broken,” Terry DeCarlo, a executive executive of a GLBT Community Center of Central Florida, pronounced during a commemorative in a arise of a conflict on a renouned happy nightclub Pulse.

Mourners sang a sports quarrel song, “I trust that we will win.”

But moments later, during about 10 mins of silence, tears flowed and embraces tightened, as a throng carried candles into a atmosphere and a church bell tolled.

“Numb,” Elayane Merriwether, a 25-year-old barkeeper who mislaid a co-worker in a shooting, pronounced of a city’s mood. “People usually keep crying. People don’t know what to contend to any other. we consider a lot of people are still in shock.”

Thousands of others collected in cities around a country, including New York and Los Angeles, to remember a victims. Outside a Stonewall Inn in Manhattan, where a complicated happy rights transformation was started, speakers bemoaned not usually a conflict during a happy nightclub, though also a miss of movement in Congress to pass extensive gun control legislation.

The authorities and Orlando’s tight-knit happy village were still perplexing to come to terms with what had encouraged a gunman, identified as Omar Mateen, to glow dozens of rounds in a nightclub as news reports flush that he competence have visited it several times before a shooting.

Law coercion officers walked adult South Orange Avenue nearby a stage of a nightclub attack.

Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

The F.B.I. was also looking into reports that Mr. Mateen had used a happy dating app, a comparison sovereign law coercion central said.

But several people who pronounced they busy a nightclub told The New York Times in interviews that they had never seen Mr. Mateen before.

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His ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, pronounced that Mr. Mateen competence have been happy though chose to censor it. Ms. Yusufiy pronounced that Mr. Mateen had told her that he had busy nightclubs before their marriage, though that he did not tell her they were happy clubs.

Investigators contingency now try to establish how many a killings were a act of a deeply uneasy man, as his former mother and others described him, and how many he was driven by eremite or domestic ideology.

President Obama pronounced a conflict was “an instance of a kind of homegrown extremism that all of us have been endangered about,” with a gunman who was desirous by radical element he found online.

James B. Comey, a F.B.I. director, pronounced Mr. Mateen had clearly been “radicalized,” during slightest in partial around a internet.

“So far, we see no denote that this was a tract destined from outward a United States, and we see no denote that he was partial of any kind of network,” Mr. Comey said.

Overnight, a final of a victims’ names were posted, finale a heart-wrenching routine that had played out during a day as families schooled a predestine of their desired ones.

While a sharpened exacted a complicated fee on a happy and Latino populations — a events occurred on Latin night during Pulse, and many of a victims were Latino — a impact here was felt distant over those spheres.

“This is just, it’s usually my home and it should be a place where everybody feels safe,” Rachel Luce-Hitt, 34, pronounced during a burial as she retained a gold of purple and yellow flowers. She fought off tears, and her voice trailed off as a lady approached charity her a “free hug.”

While she pronounced she did not cry on Sunday after a initial news of a shooting, Ms. Luce-Hitt pronounced she began tears Monday morning as she gathering to her pursuit in a farrago and inclusion bureau during a University of Central Florida. Her emotions, she said, were set off when a names of a victims began surfacing.

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“When we hear names and we start, like, these are genuine people with genuine families that are unequivocally hurting,” she said. “It’s a startle during first, though we was like, ‘What have we lost?’ ”

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