ARION2 breaks British land speed annals for bikes

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The University’s Velocipede (ULV) Team has damaged both a men’s and women’s British Land Speed Record for a human-powered car with their aerodynamic supine bike, ARION2.

Ken Buckley and Yasmin Tredell, riders with a ULV Team, pennyless a British land speed annals during a World Human Powered Speed Challenge that took place final week during Battle Mountain in a Nevada desert.


The endowment means Yasmin (below) is now a second fastest lady in a world, and a fastest British woman, carrying achieved a speed of 71.05mph outstanding a prior British record of 42.5mph.

The ULV team’s masculine rider, Ken Buckley (below), pennyless his possess British land speed record of 75.03mph, that he set final year on ARION1, with a new speed of 76.59mph.

The ULVTeam and their riders now reason both a masculine and womanlike British speed annals for a tellurian powered vehicle. During a march of a Challenge a new men’s universe record was set during 89.59mph by Canadian Todd Reichert and Team Aerovelo. The women’s universe record stands during 75.69mph .

The ULV group is sponsored by Rathbone Investment Management and upheld by Friends of a University of Liverpool.

ULV Team Leader, Rob McKenzie, said:  “It was an extraordinary knowledge holding partial in the World Human Power Speed Challenge and for both Yasmin and Ken to set new British land speed records. It is a perfection of dual years of work and a whole team, both those in Nevada and behind in Liverpool, are positively overjoyed about a team’s achievement.

“The whole group has worked tirelessly to urge a pattern of ARION2 and this has unequivocally paid off. We would like to appreciate Rathbones and all a other sponsors, but their support this implausible plan would not have been possible.”

Engineering Lecturer, Steven Bode, who supervised a students said: “All a late nights and weekends that a tyro have put into this plan has paid off, their loyalty to a plan has been extraordinary and I’m intensely unapproachable of any and everybody of  them.”

Designed and built as partial of a two-year Engineering grade project, ARION2 featured several technological improvements from a prototype ARION1 including updated aerodynamics, reduced weight, changes to a steering mechanisms and transmission, and a pierce to front-wheel drive.

The World Human Powered Speed Challenge takes place on State Route 305, a 4,619ft (1,408m) altitude highway in Nevada that allows riders an acceleration section of over 4 miles, enabling them to strech their limit quickness before being timed over a 200 scale distance.

Andrew Butcher, Chief Operating Officer, Rathbone Investment Management, commented: “The loyalty and persistence a students have displayed via a ARION plan is covenant to a University and it has been a payoff to support them along a way. Rathbones has a roots in Liverpool so it is a city tighten to a heart of a business and we are intensely unapproachable of what a group has achieved in Nevada this week. As investment managers, we’re committed to investing in destiny record and innovation.”

Yasmin was interviewed for Al Jazeera News while competing in a Challenge.  You can watch this talk here:

The full formula from a Challenge can be found here:

Source: University of Liverpool