Arvind Kejriwal backs Satyendra Jain after I-T dept released summons to AAP minister

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Amid domestic censure game, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday corroborated his apportion Satyendra Kumar Jain in a Income Tax (I-T) case, after a latter was summoned by a dialect concerned.

The I-T dialect has released summons to a Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) minister, seeking him to seem before a dialect in tie with a taxation semblance examine opposite certain Kolkata-based firms.

AAP apportion Satyendra Kumar Jain. News18AAP apportion Satyendra Kumar Jain. News18

AAP apportion Satyendra Kumar Jain. News18

Kejriwal, who himself had been a comparison I-T central in a past, has given a purify letter to his health apportion and pronounced Jain was being ‘framed’. He combined that if Jain had been ‘guilty’, he (Kejriwal) would have thrown him out.

The arch apportion in his chatter said, “I summoned Satinder this morning. Saw all papers. He innocent, being framed. If he ws guilty, we wud have thrown him out. We mount by him.”

Why a summons

The I-T dialect has released summons to Jain in propinquity to a taxation semblance examine opposite Kolkata-based firms.

According to I-T dialect sources, Jain has been asked to allow personal financial sum and Income Tax Returns on 4 October.

“The dialect perceived annals of financial exchange associated to Jain, that has connectors with a few firms formed in Kolkata. These firms were recently searched in tie with taxation semblance and bootleg financial remittances case. The examine is on and during a routine we found papers with Jain’s name on it,” a source said.

The I-T dialect has indicated that 3 firms associated to genuine estate and IT are underneath a taxation dialect scanner. The dialect claimed that a “minister had financial exchange with these firms”.

Satyendra Jain’s reaction

Jain is a competent designer and now binds Health, Home, Power, PWD, Transport and Urban Development as portfolios as a apportion in Delhi government. In an confirmation submitted to a Election Commission, he has announced his item of Rs 7.84 crore.

Jain told reporters that a summons he has perceived was a re-assessment notice and zero to do with any investigation.

“Prior to fasten politics and AAP, we had worked as an designer and assembled several buildings. we had finished investments in these companies 4 years back, though we have zero to do with these companies given 2013. we have finished zero wrong. we have usually been summoned as a witness. It is only reassessment not investigation,” he told reporters.

What Congress and BJP say?

Both a BJP and a Congress celebration didn’t leave an event to sight their guns during a AAP minister.
BJP orator Sidharth Nath Singh said, “Kejriwal jumped in and has given a purify letter but saying a documents. Jain has been summoned for an bootleg entrance by a Income Tax Department. Earlier, in a box of another apportion Jitender Singh Tomar, he did a same. This is how a celebration functions.”

Congress personality and orator Ajay Maken said, “All these ministers have been selected by Kejriwal. Instead of responding to a questions acted to them, they doubt back. If they are innocent, let them come out in open. AAP always plays a plant label and practices diversion tactics.”