As Smart As Cats Think They Are, Their Logic Has A Lot Of (Hilarious) Flaws

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Cat owners adore how smart, independent, and cuddly their small cuties can be, though infrequently their bushy proof can seem only a bit…flawed.

Cole and Marmalade’s owners held their honeyed critters showcasing a many offbeat ways cats tend to proceed a world. Though their stupid antics mostly finish in disappointment for us humans, their lovable faces make it unfit to get mad. If you’ve ever owned a cat, or even only spent a small time with one, you’ll now commend a waggish behavior.

To be fair, I’m certain a lot of the proof seems flattering bizarre to them, too. It’s only a good thing they don’t know how to work a camera. Head over to Cole and Marmalade’s YouTube page for some-more of their darling videos!

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