Ascensia Diabetes Challenge

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Do we have a digital resolution for a tellurian widespread of type 2 diabetes?

Ascensia Diabetes Care has partnered with yet2 to launch the Ascensia Diabetes Challenge – A GLOBAL INNOVATION COMPETITION. We are seeking submissions for innovative digital solutions that can honestly change function and urge a lives of people with form 2 diabetes. We wish to support companies who are building a subsequent large jump brazen in digital solutions for self-management of form 2 diabetes.


Our View of a Problem

Diabetes now affects some-more than 400 million people opposite a universe and is projected to strech some-more than 640 million by 2040 (Source: IDF Diabetes Atlas, 7th Edition (2015), with form 2 diabetes reaching tellurian widespread levels. Although government and therapies for form 2 diabetes have severely improved, they have not nonetheless solved a weight it places on a individuals, medical systems and society. We need to find innovations in this margin that go over remedy and commission people to change behaviors and improved conduct their condition themselves.

For an individual, a diagnosis of form 2 diabetes is a life changing event. Patients turn increasingly impeded with handling day to day aspects of their illness from their blood glucose contrast and remedy to food choices and exercise. Putting all their diagnosis goals into movement is really severe and hit with medical professionals is singular in terms of hours per year – many of their illness government is managed alone.

Emerging technologies and digital solutions have a vicious purpose to play in assisting people with form 2 diabetes to improved conduct their condition. So distant digital record is assisting patients constraint their information some-more easily, and there are solutions that concede blood glucose information to be eliminated into apps facilely and sent on to medical professionals as needed. Steps can be counted, coaching can be supposing and online communities can give encouragement. Yet notwithstanding these advances, diabetes stays a really poignant weight for many patients.

Ascensia is seeking new ways of meditative about form 2 diabetes management. There is lots of room here for innovation, as many of a latest advances have been targeted towards form 1 diabetes. We wish to rethink how digital record can assistance people with form 2 diabetes conduct their day to day lives. That is because we have partnered with yet2 to launch a Ascensia Diabetes Challenge.

This plea is about ancillary companies who are building a subsequent large jump brazen in self-management. Solutions that go over a useful app. We are seeking solutions that will take a some-more poignant partial of a weight of diabetes divided from people and commission them to turn only unchanging people again. We wish submissions of innovative patient-centric digital solutions that can honestly outcome long-term function change, urge outcomes and raise a studious knowledge for people with form 2 diabetes.

Submit your due resolution around this portal and join us in assisting to expose a subsequent large jump brazen in form 2 diabetes self-management.

The Challenge

The Ascensia Diabetes Challenge is designed to support a subsequent large jump brazen in diabetes self-management and assistance allege digital solutions for a destiny of form 2 diabetes.

We wish to inspire creation in a margin and assistance broach on a goal to commission people vital with diabetes by innovative solutions that promote and urge their lives. We wish to expostulate a bulletin in diabetes innovation. This plea demonstrates a ongoing support for a diabetes village as a devoted partner and a joining to ancillary continued research, creation and growth of new solutions.

This foe will find submissions from Europe, Asia Pacific and a Americas. Entry acquiescence for a Ascensia Diabetes Challenge will open on Oct 1, 2017 for Europe and Nov 6, 2017 for Asia Pacific and a Americas. All entries should be submitted around this portal by clicking on a “Submission” button.

Our partner yet2 is handling a acquiescence routine and initial examination of entries for a Ascensia Diabetes Challenge. yet2 will use their knowledge with open creation hurdles to promote a examination of entries, conduct egghead skill screening and support a judging process, to assistance strengthen both a submitters and Ascensia.

Upon acquiescence of an entry, it will be common directly with nonetheless 2. yet2 will perform a initial examination of all entries for correspondence with a entrance mandate and Terms and Conditions prior to pity them with Ascensia and a judging panel. This is designed to equivocate pity any trusted information or defenceless egghead skill enclosed in a acquiescence with Ascensia or a judging panel.

Finalists and a leader will be dynamic by a judging panel, that consists of eccentric experts from diabetes, digital health and studious advocacy from opposite a world, as good as members of a Ascensia Medical, RD and Commercial teams. The judging row will examination a submissions and a judging criteria that will be used to establish a finalists and a leader of a plea are summarized below.

From a entries submitted, we will name adult to 6 finalists who will accept a money esteem and be invited to a finalist event. Finalists will be announced shortly after a acquiescence duration closes.

After a finalist event, we will name a leader and adult to dual runners-up for a challenge, any of whom will accept a money esteem to put towards serve growth of their solution. The leader will also have a event to work with Ascensia on a growth of their solution, regulating a imagination and resources from Ascensia to assistance move their resolution to market.

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