“Assemble your BB-8 robot” tale goes on. Adding cold tidbits!

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So, final time we told we how to fast make (not including 3D printing) one’s possess BB-8 drudge of a Star Wars and sanction it for minimal functions, such as: revolution and “follow me”.  In this essay we would like to tell we about a tiny upgrades we done for it.


We keep on upgrading it. Now it can work outdoor though tie to a energy supply or batteries. “How?” we competence wish to ask . Some of we has a camber already. Yes, solar panels.


We put together a sequence of 2 tiny solar panels (5 volts each). Using a sequence connection, we obtain a outlay energy of 10 V and 800 mAh.  Not really much, though in a good balmy weather, a drudge will work. It is apparent that 800 mAh is a rise power, in fact, it might be less. It all depends on a enlightenment energy and a angle of object incidence. But this is not all yet. For a BB-8 operation we need also a charged phone/tablet. They also need charging. Yes, that’s right. With a same solar panels. There’s one innovation. We motionless to supplement one tidbit – a wireless charger.


We had suspicion about it for some time already. But we contingency acknowledge there’s one nuance. A wireless horse consists of dual units: a horse itself and a receiver to be connected to a smartphone around a micro USB-port.


Nikola Tesla was a initial to understanding with a theme of wireless electricity transmission.  Just in those early years when Morgan financed a marvellous Wordencliff’s project  (by a way, a tumble of a Tunguska  meteorite, or a Tunguska curiosity has zero to do with a good Serbian physicist). But let’s go behind to a wireless charger. There’s some kind of height with a dark tilt inside, that generates electromagnetic field.  Another image transforming a electromagnetic margin into a electric energy to assign a write is connected to a telephone.


Obviously, a potency of this horse is low. The limit stream is 800 мАh.


Nonetheless, in a balmy continue a SelfieBot is means to work powered by usually 3 solar panels. It’s understandable, a bigger a row is a better.

As it is noisier outdoor than indoors, and a telephone/tablet speakers are not absolute enough, we motionless to additionally bond to a BB-8 one some-more pacifist orator via  mini jack. Yes, around mini jack, since a Bluetooth is intent to yield a phone/tablet tie with a SelfieBot’s electronics, and we use WiFi to remotely control a BB-8.



This is a benefaction version.

We are still operative during a looks!


In a subsequent essay we’ll tell we about some upgrades, particularly, how to make a construction some-more fast and some-more noiseless.

This is a list of upgrades we are going to finish in a nearest 2-3 weeks :

  1. Improve sound insulation;
  2. Improve fortitude when rotating, repay shaking;
  3. Add a diode fasten to irradiate a eye;
  4. Fix an additional orator inside;
  5. Paint it with a strange ВВ-8’s colors;
  6. Create a some-more pleasing neck for a robot;
  7. Improve a fasteners for a some-more available assembling/disassembling;
  8. Create a mountain for a wireless horse + write (now we use magnets);
  9. Create a mountain for a GoPro camera.

Read about us on a Internet: Endurance SelfieBot or Endurance BB-8.

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