Barcelona morning gave impulse for a colour of a new Seat Ateca

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Have we ever wondered since automobile manufacturers are so unapproachable to launch a new colour choice for their products? It seems like, it is such an typical partial of automobile making, it should not be celebrated. However, Spanish code SEAT suggested that it takes 3 years, 100 formulations and 1,000 litres of paint to launch a new colour on a market.

A new colour requires a lot of bid from a pattern team. Image credit:

A new colour requires a lot of bid from a pattern team. Image credit:

It is clear that a lot of bid goes into creation a new automotive colour. Various pigments, aluminium and mica form a basement of a automotive paint, producing 12 tones that can be used to colour a car. Furthermore, there are many factors to cruise when formulating a colour palette for a new model. For example, SEAT says that distance of a automobile is really important, as tiny cars can be embellished in bright, clear colours, while bigger ones tend to be darker with lead tones.

Furthermore, intensity buyers of a new automobile matter too. For example, younger people might like bright, adventurous colours, though comparison business are fonder of worldly tones. Finally, a impression of a automobile matter as well, as Jordi Font, who is obliged for a ColorTrim dialect during SEAT, emphasizes. He says: “A sporty automobile won’t underline a same colour operation as an SUV, that requires earth tones that are some-more related to nature”.

Specialists compensate courtesy to several studies and consummate research to determine, that colours are going to be successful on a new automobile model. In sequence to forecast, what tones are going to be renouned in 3 years, they have to investigate colour trends found in conform and architecture. However, there are 3 colours of automotive paint that never destroy – white, black and grey. Studies uncover they are a many renouned colour choices in Europe and should not go out of conform any time soon.

Finally, automotive colour specialists from SEAT contend that colour can give an engaging impression underline as well, generally when a new indication is presented. For example, brand’s new SUV Ateca was suggested with a lead orange paintjob, that was selected since of a hometown of SEAT Barcelona. It is pronounced that this city is ideal to see morning and this prodigy was prisoner in a new tinge for a car. This serve explains since so most bid goes into introducing a new colour into a market.

Source: Seat