Beyond China, other Southeast Asian countries devise for poignant hydroelectric additions

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China’s estimable growth of hydroelectric power, including a largest energy plant in a universe during Three Gorges Dam, has overshadowed a comparatively vast hydroelectric enlargement skeleton of other Southeast Asia countries. Combined, a smaller countries of Southeast Asia devise to erect 61 gigawatts (GW) of new hydroelectric generating ability by 2020. If all designed projects are completed, these countries will some-more than double their 2012 hydroelectric ability of 39 GW.

Image credit: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Image credit: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Many countries in Southeast Asia are formulation to entrance a measureless hydroelectric intensity of a reduce Mekong River, that flows by or borders China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. China has assembled 6 vital dams along a top apportionment of a Mekong River. Hydroelectric energy intensity in a Greater Mekong Region (which includes Mekong tributaries) is estimated between 175 GW and 250 GW. As of 2010, 71 Mekong hydroelectric dams were due for execution by 2030.

Vietnam, Indonesia, Bhutan, and Laos are 4 of a many Southeast Asian countries with poignant designed hydroelectric additions, from projects in a Mekong segment as good as projects centered on other hydroelectric resources.

Vietnam has a many desirous hydroelectric growth devise in Southeast Asia, with skeleton to rise 205 hydroelectric projects (6.2 GW) by 2017, and scarcely 4 gigawatts (GW) of additional ability between 2017 and 2030. One of a largest projects, Trung Son, a 360-megawatt (MW) project, is located on a Ma River in northern Vietnam, that is not a Mekong tributary.

Indonesia’s idea is to rise 5.7 GW of new hydroelectric generating ability by 2021. Included is one of a incomparable hydroelectric projects outward of China, a 1,040 MW Upper Cisokan pumped storage energy trickery projected to be in use by a finish of 2018.

Bhutan, a comparatively small, alpine nation surrounded by India and China, skeleton to build 10 GW of hydroelectric generating capacity. Because most of this electricity will be exported to India, India is appropriation these projects. Many of Bhutan’s rivers underline high straight drops over a brief distance, ideal for hydroelectric generation. Three of these comforts with a total 2,940 MW ability are now underneath construction.

Laos, that now has hydroelectric generating ability of about 2.5 GW, skeleton to boost that ability to some-more than 9 GW by 2020. This boost includes 17 projects now in a formulation theatre with a total ability of some-more than 4.5 GW. One-fourth of this ability is attributed to a 1,285 MW Xayaburi hydroelectric energy plant, a initial of 11 designed hydroelectric generating plants along a reduce Mekong River. Laos, like Bhutan, expects to be a vital electricity exporter.

Despite a clever foundation intensity of these projects, there are vital concerns about a environmental impacts of damming a Mekong River complement and other rivers in Southeast Asia. An eccentric comment prepared for a Mekong River Commission endorsed a 10-year check in a stream hydroelectric plan report to weigh environmental concerns.

Source: EIA