Bigg Boss 10: Controversies wait separated contestants Priyanka Jagga, Akansha Sharma

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Priyanka Jagga from Delhi was a initial competitor to be evicted from Colors TV’s Bigg Boss 10, in a really initial week. This weekend, it was Akansha Sharma, also from a Indiawale team, who was evicted.

Both a suspended contestants have controversies watchful for them outward a Bigg Boss house.

Priyanka Jagga (L); Akansha Sharma (R)Priyanka Jagga (L); Akansha Sharma (R)

Priyanka Jagga (L); Akansha Sharma (R)

Priyanka’s purported ex-boyfriend, Gautam Arora, recently done some intolerable statements about a contestant, who wreaked massacre during her one-week army inside a Bigg Boss residence with her bold and assertive behaviour. Priyanka told Firstpost that she will be holding authorised movement opposite him. Gautam, who is a DJ, claimed that Priyanka has been disloyal from her father for some-more than 3 years. Not only that, Gautam pronounced that he antiquated Priyanka for 4 to 5 months and also went on to ‘reveal’ that her form of a selling recruiter is a feign one and that she ‘can do anything for money’.

Sounding unsettled with these accusations, Priyanka said, “If we saw a premiere part of Bigg Boss 10, we apparently also contingency have seen my kids observant that we can’t prepare and that my father cooks for everyone. Will a seven-year-old child lie, that too on inhabitant television? We distinguished my son’s birthday on 3 Oct and my father was really most there with all of us. So even if we was separated, since wouldn’t we speak about it while we was inside a house? Why would we post my husband’s design on my Facebook? And would a assembly not accept me only since we was distant from my husband?”

About Gautam claiming that he was her ex-boyfriend, Priyanka said: “He has one organisation design shot in a bar with both of us in it and he’s forging that design and display it to a whole world. He will really compensate a cost for this ‘character assassination’ since we am filing a insult fit opposite him. We are holding authorised action.”

While Akansha had a still exit, her entrance into a Bigg Boss residence influenced adequate debate with her stipulation that she was cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s former sister-in-law. Akansha was married to Yuvraj’s younger hermit Zoravar for 4 months. However, a integrate has been disloyal for scarcely two-and-a-half years ago. Akansha clearly pronounced on Bigg Boss that a problems were not between her and Zoravar, or Yuvraj, though with their mom Shabnam Singh. She also pronounced that she would shortly be receiving her divorce, and that her purpose of being on a uncover — when Salman Khan quizzed her about it — was to start life new after a bad marriage. Not too gratified with a “revelations” done by Akansha, Shabnam told Firstpost. “First of all, a matter is underling judice and conjunction Akanksha, nor any of us, are authorised to speak about it. It is disregard of court; a matter will come adult for conference in some time.” Apparently, Shabnam had threatened to take movement opposite Akansha if she continued articulate about their family issues on inhabitant television.

But this has not stopped Akansha, an determined actor, from vocalization her mind. After she was evicted from a house, she told Firstpost, “Let her (Shabnam) do what she wants to, we am peaceful to face a consequences. She can't put vigour on me and stop me from talking. She can't silence my voice. we trust in kismet and hence God gave me a opportunity, an opening to voice my opinion. There is something called leisure of debate and expression. we know a kind of beliefs she represents, she believes in slavery. we gave her adequate event to arrange out a issues though she didn’t let it happen.”

However, Akansha wasn’t too astounded being voted out. “I knew it coming. we take some time to open adult and we had not nonetheless warmed adult to my stay inside a residence or to a contestants, so apparently we wasn’t doing most on a show. Since we wasn’t personification a diversion good afterwards since would people opinion for me? Unlike others we can’t conflict aggressively to pardonable issues. Many other contestants are good during fights, removing courtesy and they are removing some-more camera time as well. People like Om Swami, Manu (Punjabi), Manveer (Gujjar) are good during formulating hype though we am not gentle doing all that, that’s not me,” pronounced Akanksha, serve adding, “But we wish we could have got some some-more time to voice my opinions, my ideologies and showed my celebrity to a nation, and if we get a event to come behind on a furious label entrance we would be happy.”

Meanwhile, Priyanka felt that a celebrities who began as a ‘sevaks’ on a show, were spoilsports and not skilful during personification a game. Justifying her charge on a show, she said, “It was only a diversion and celebrities were given a shortcoming of doing a kitchen though they didn’t know how to make chapatis or even cut lemon. Rahul Dev once asked me either he should be putting garlic in dal with a skin. If we was done a sevak, we would have even pulpy their feet if told to. Due to my charge people started job me Dolly Bindra (former argumentative competitor on Bigg Boss) though we will be excellent if we am given a pretension of Khalnayika.”