Bigg Boss 10 Episode 14 30 Oct 2016: Akanksha gets eliminated; Salman schools contestants

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Tension kept ascent currently in Weekend ka Vaar among a Bigg Boss contestants as a uncover horde Salman Khan took utterly some time to finally announce a name of a evicted contestant, Akanksha Sharma, who is a second commoner to bid adieu, a initial being Priyanka Jagga. Yes, Akansha, who grabbed a headlines for plainly vocalization about a troubles in her matrimony with a really renouned Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s younger hermit Zorawar is out of a residence and a many influenced of all’s commoner Nitibha Kaul as a dual got along really good on a show.

Akanksha held a viewers’ courtesy right from a commencement when she blamed her mother-in-law, Shabnam Singh for her unsuccessful marriage. She also confided in her associate contestant, Gaurav Chopra and claimed that a Singh family done her starve for income and it was a onslaught to get Rs 3,000 a month. All this had irritated Shabnam who came out in a open and done some counter-allegations on Akanksha.

Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar - Sunday part (3)Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar - Sunday part (3)

Salman Khan with Bharti Singh and Karan Wahi.

Earlier, Salman flagged off tonight’s episode on a honeyed note as he danced with immature kids to a mashup of ‘Aaj Ki Party’ and ‘Happy Diwali’ numbers. He afterwards proceeded to hand out gifts to his dance crew, while divulgence that a children are indeed from an orphanage. Meanwhile, Salman continued enormous jokes on Om Swami and came adult with about half a dozen swap career options for him to name while showcasing a montage. He serve introduced dual games – The Laddoo diversion and The Thappad diversion before environment a gratifying mood. While the laddoo game enabled the contestants to select a one whose participation could be avoided in a Bigg Boss house, a thappad diversion suggested a biggest liars among a contestants.

In a thappad task, a contestants are done to lay solo in a dim room and were asked questions by Bigg Boss. For each wrong answer, they get slapped. Contestants like Gaurav Chopra, Manu Punjabi, Lopamudra Raut and Navin Prakash get slapped for their wrong answers. For instance, when Gaurav disagrees that he’s not a designer behind all a celebrities, he is slapped by a Bigg Boss as a contestants don’t determine with him.

Joining Salman Ki Sabha was a row of 3 housewives from conflicting cities  and they were seen pity their opinions about a opening of a celebrities and Indiawale in a uncover and exhibit who, according to them, was a designer in a game . They unanimously felt that a celebrities were being too careful, dignified, respectful and picture unwavering given a commoners or a Indiawale were totally conflicting of a celebrities and as a outcome were personification a diversion really well.

Commenting on Mona Lisa’s family with her possess teammates, a contingent felt that she was being discriminated and she seemed to be some-more concordant with a commoners and as a outcome Manu Punjabi was holding advantage of a situation. They felt that Manu, Manveer Gurjar and Karan Mehra were intelligent players given Gaurav was a lifeless personality.

After all a discussion, these housewives confirm that it’s time to have some fun as they give Salman a charge where he needs to spin a pani puri wala. Salman accepts their special ask and feeds them some tasty and tasty pani puri.

Later, on a show, a Mona’s emanate is being discussed by both a groups separately. While Mona, Manu and Manveer speak among themselves, a celebrities call Manu ‘cheap’. Gaurav privately points out that Manu saying that given she’s is not really gentle with her possess teammates and hence she joins commoners, and that they like her company, was a inexpensive remark.

The night afterwards takes a humorous spin as comedy black Bharti Singh creates an coming along with her partner Karan Wahi to perform the contestants with their laughable gags and burning jabs. None of a contestants are spared, especially Om Swami as Bharti and Karan fun about his 100-crore film undertaking. Being a sum sport, Om Swami shakes a leg to Salman Khan’s song ‘Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai’ when Bharti urges him to do so.

And soon, it was Lokesh Kumari’s spin as Karan Wahi creates her try-out to be the new horde of Comedy Nights Bachao Tazaa though Lokesh forgets her lines! But, on conference Lokesh’s voice, Bharti creates a penetrating observation; compares her voice to the indomitable Rakhi Sawant!  The twin even griddle a initial week evictee Priyanka Jagga. From job her a ‘walking-talking-mooli‘ to indicating out Priyanka’s absurd behaviour,  Bharti leaves no mill unturned in poking fun during a loud-mouthed lady.  The bombardment of gags during Priyanka usually intensifies as Bharti reveals that Priyanka Chopra is now looking to change her name, lest she be misunderstood as Madam Jagga!