Bike Lights Without Battery

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Danish manufacturer Reelight introduced a bicycle lights that are powered by a tiny magnets mounted on a bike’s spokes, so no batteries are required. The lights can be used day and night. Magnets are coin-sized and emanate really small rolling resistance. The waterproof lights have no switches or other controls – we only start riding, and a revolving magnets rivet generators in a lights, causing them to start flashing. A built-in capacitors keep flashing for adult to dual mins when a bike is stopped.

The lights are mounted on a left-side flare and chair stay regulating an enclosed product-specific tool. Installation takes only a few minutes, and involves a tightening-down of nylon-coated immaculate steel wires. The lights can be seen in use, in a crowdfunding promo video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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