BJP accuses Sonia Gandhi of revelation ‘lies’ to conflict a Centre after Swabhiman rally

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New Delhi: After Sonia Gandhi common dais with Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar during a convene in Patna, BJP on Sunday strike behind observant a “promoters of politics of family rule, opportunism and corruption” have come together to aim it and indicted a Congress arch of revelation “lies” to conflict a Centre.

As Gandhi pounded a Modi supervision over “diluting” MNREGA and a Pakistan policy, BJP pronounced a whole universe had concurred India’s tough mount on terrorism though she spoke “lies” while her son and emissary Rahul Gandhi went to limit to doubt a Centre instead of Pakistan.

Congress boss Sonia Gandhi. ReutersCongress boss Sonia Gandhi. Reuters

Congress boss Sonia Gandhi. Reuters

“The promoters of family rule, opportunism and crime were on Sunday during one platform… Sonia Gandhi, we should have shown some shame. You told lies on Pakistan,” Union Minister and comparison BJP personality Ravi Shankar Prasad told a press conference.

Under a BJP government, allocation to MNREGA had been increasing by Rs 5000 crore and it was not diluted as purported by Gandhi, he said.

Seeking to dilemma a Congress over her pity dais with a RJD chief, a crook in a provender fraud case, Prasad pronounced it was a “cruel joke” that she praised his order in Bihar, observant it was an “insult” of Bihar, that is expected to see public polls in October-November.

BJP dubbed a grand alliance’s ‘Swabhiman’ convene as “apman rally”.

“There was no emanate of growth in today’s rally. There were no women, dalit and poor,” he said, derisive Gandhi for her “supporting role” with Kumar and Prasad being a “mascot” and “director” of a Jungle Raaj-II.

Slamming Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi for doubt supervision about a mount on Pakistan, Prasad pronounced that a supervision has taken a tough mount on a matter. “We have done it transparent that we will not endure terrorism,” he said.

Drawing a comparison with a rallies hold by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prasad pronounced that today’s convene was a disaster as a throng was not even half of Modi’s 4 total rallies.

He also pounded Nitish Kumar for sketch a comparison between him and Chandragupta Maurya and Samrat Ashok and Jayaprakash Narayan observant he thinks that ‘he is Bihar’ and ‘Bihar is him’.

In an apparent anxiety to speakers in a convene reaching out to opposite several castes, he pronounced arrange casteism is being promoted by a leaders of a grand fondness while BJP-led NDA believes in holding everybody along.