Blurry Box hacking contest

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Software is a EUR 910 billion matter for a EU economy, contributing to 11.6 million jobs. Encryption fuels a daily life, protects critical inhabitant confidence secrets, open safety, and personal privacy. Yet, there are still countries around a creation where pirated program rates surpass 90%. Germany’s automatic engineering attention alone is plant of product or code robbery with a towering 70% of all companies affected.

The Blurry Box foe is open to anyone around a universe with a difference of a Organizer Committee and Jury members, founders, and shareholders. Countries underneath European embargo are also released from participation. Contenders should be 18 years aged or over.

Contenders can register usually once and yield one resolution entrance only. Upon submitting a online registration form, a participants will be told by email within 48 operative hours about a acceptance of their enrollment, in that box they will be shipped a USB dongle by post giveaway of charge. This is singular to a initial one thousand participants.


  • Registrations for a Blurry Box hacking competition will open during 1 pm CET, on Apr 24th, 2017.
  • All authorised registrants will accept a acknowledgment of their enrollment around email and a hacking pack will be send to a postal residence given in a registration form. The pack will embody a dongle on that a secure permit for a focus to penetrate will be stored.
  • Registrations will tighten during midnight on May 12th, 2017.
  • On May 15th, 2017, a authorised registrants will accept an invitation by email to download a diversion stable with Blurry Box cryptography.
  • Contenders will have until midnight of Jun 2nd, 2017 to penetrate a diversion with all probable enormous mechanisms they are proficient with and news their formula to a Jury.
  • The Jury will directly determine all a submissions on Jun 5th by 15th, 2017.
  • The winner(s) of a esteem or a miss thereof will be announced to all contenders on Jun 16th, 2017.


  • The diversion focus runs on Windows 32 or 64 bit platforms, is created in C++, is stable with Blurry Box cryptography, and a permit will be stored in a USB dongle a contenders are shipped.
  • The purpose of a diversion is to transport and collect credit for rightly answered questions. The actor selects a finish city and a means of transport that have opposite costs. Depending on his bet, he gets credits for responding 10 questions about any destination. He afterwards selects a subsequent finish and so on. In this way, a diversion meets a arrogance of complexity. The diversion consists of an defenceless graphical user interface and a stable game.dll. The GUI can use a book record instead of primer submit and emanate a record file.
  • The contenders need to have Internet entrance to be means to download a stable diversion on May 15th, 2017, and lapse their resolution by Jun 2nd, 2017.
  • The contenders are requested to penetrate a stable diversion and infer they can run it on a Windows-based PC but a USB dongle that was supposing for a competition and but Internet connection.
  • The burst diversion as good as a routine and a hacking collection used to penetrate a diversion should be uploaded directly to a designated Jury web space for after analysis.
  • Submissions will be supposed in English denunciation only.
  • During a corroboration process, a set of parameters will be compared between a hacked program and a strange game; if a compare is validated, a hacking resolution will be confirmed.
  • The penetrate is supposed as successful if a given book record creates a same record record with a stable diversion and a hacked one.


  • The accumulative esteem offering by WIBU-SYSTEMS AG amounts to 50,000 EUR.
  • The sum will be apart among a contestants that are proven by a Jury to have entirely hacked Blurry Box cryptography. In box of mixed successful hackers, a initial respondent will accept 25,000 EUR, a second 12,500 EUR, a third one 6,250 EUR, and so on.
  • If hackers are usually means to partially moment Blurry Box cryptography, a prejudiced hacking solutions will be awarded a accumulative esteem of 10,000 EUR to be apart among a partially successful hackers in suitability with a Jury’s assessment.
  • If no prejudiced or finish penetrate of Blurry Box cryptography is received, no esteem will be awarded.
  • Once a Jury has announced a formula of a Blurry Box hacking competition on Jun 16th, a apart personal note to a winner(s) will follow from Wibu-Systems to coordinate a remittance.

Legal Disclosure

  • Contenders are authorised to retreat operative a diversion focus usually for a timeframe indicated (May 15 by Jun 2nd, 2017) and only for a purpose of a Blurry Box hacking contest.
  • Contenders are not authorised to tell their solution, even if certified by a Jury, for 6 (six) uninterrupted months following a finish of a competition (until Dec. 16th, 2017).


  • The Jury consists of eccentric IT confidence scientists and will perform a purpose autonomously from a partners that are compelling a Blurry Box hacking contest.
  • The Jury will set adult an possess email channel with a contenders that will be disclosed on confirming a acceptance of a enrollment.
  • Starting on Jun 5th, 2017, a Jury will investigate all prejudiced or finish solutions perceived and will afterwards strictly promulgate a validation or dearth of their commentary to a contenders.
  • On Jun 16th, 2017, a Jury itself will announce a probable winner(s) of a Blurry Box hacking contest


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