Boxing Officials’ Inclusion of Pro Fighters in Olympic Games Is Bad Idea

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BoxingBoxing was a usually Olympic sport that was wholly done adult of pledge competitors, until now. The President of a International Boxing Association (AIBA), Ching-Kuo Wu, hold a special assembly in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Wednesday, Jun 1, 2016, to concede veteran boxers to contest to validate for a Games in Rio in Aug 2016. The order change had strenuous support, with 84 out of a 88 elect members voting for a order adjustment. Qualifications for a Rio Olympic Games take place in Venezuela in Jul 2016. The change is being met with churned responses from a universe of boxing. Many boxers see a inclusion of pro fighters in a Olympic games as a bad idea. Ricky Hatton, former welterweight and light-welterweight universe champion, tweeted that this change would finish pledge boxing.

This change to embody any universe championsBoxinghip warrior to validate for a Olympic Games is a initial change in a manners given 2013 when AIBA non-stop a foe adult to veteran fighters with reduction than 20 fights to participate. The 2013 order change was a partial of Kuo Wu’s lobbying for AIBA to have some-more change over veteran boxing. That same year Olympic eligibility was given to paid fighters sealed to pro tournaments run by AIBA. Kuo-Wu might have financial motivations for a additional income professionals could move to a fighting competitions. However, there are many reasons a fighting universe has a opinion that pro fighters in a Olympic Games are a bad idea. The British Boxing Board of Control requested that AIBA “reconsider” a preference observant that it was dangerous. Some warrior associations with Olympic contenders trust that a fighting styles between pledge and veteran fighters differ significantly. These differences could lead to vulnerable matches between fighters.

Additionally, pledge boxers have to quarrel all year turn via a world, winning tournaments to validate for a Olympics. Professional boxers quarrel a few times a year for impassioned amounts of money. Amateur boxers put in a substantial volume of bid to be authorised for a final competitions before a Games. The work concerned for a amateurs is almost out of change with a pro fighter. The pro warrior would be means to contest for eligibility during a time of a Games, opposite those who have fought all year for a honor. Another reason pro fighters being enclosed in a Olympics are a bad thought since veteran fighting licenses are not regulated. Any warrior with a pro permit could contest but carrying a knowledge of a other fighters. The wish is expected that famous boxers like Floyd BoxingMayweather or Manny Pacquiao would be desirous to quarrel and move some-more event for dollars to a Games. Money is again a cause when deliberation famous veteran fighters have total resources for training and sponsorship.  At a moment, usually a few countries are announcing skeleton to send veteran fighters to compete. Russia’s conduct coach Alexander Lebzyak voiced a probability of entering dual veteran universe champions; Sergei Kovalev and Denis Lebedev.

Some pledge boxers seem to acquire a aloft turn of foe that pro fighters could move to a ring. However, they do not seem to cruise that some pro fighters will enter a Games encouraged by payments from governments to compete. Most of a pledge boxers are distant some-more focused on a ability of a competition than a financial motivation. Olympic medallist Michael Conlan settled he would be gratified to quarrel professionals in a subsequent set of games in Rio where he will be seeking a bullion award to supplement to his bronze from a London games.

The contention per a inclusion of pro fighters in a Olympic Games is only beginning. Whether veteran boxers competing in a games is a bad thought will continue to be debated as prolonged as a games continue. The manners will expected continue to be practiced as this change re-shapes Olympic boxing.

Opinion by Gichele Cocrelle


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