Brexit: Labour Party MPs call for Jeremy Corbyn’s abdication over EU referendum campaign

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London: After Labour MPs blamed celebration personality Jeremy Corbyn for a catastrophic ‘Remain’ debate for a EU referendum, Corbyn on Monday will face calls for his abdication when celebration MPs accommodate again.

Corbyn, who has never ordered infancy support among Labour MPs, is underneath glow for unwell to convince Labour electorate to behind a ‘Remain’ campaign, The Independent reported.

Britons voted 51.9 percent for Brexit opposite 48.1 per cent of ‘Remain’ opinion in a ancestral referendum on Thursday. Britain assimilated a European Union on 1 Jan in 1973.

Labour Party personality Jeremy Corbyn. APLabour Party personality Jeremy Corbyn. AP

Labour Party personality Jeremy Corbyn. AP

Angela Smith, a nonconformist Labour MP for Penistone, was a initial to mangle cover on Friday and call for Jeremy Corbyn to go. “Corbyn has got to take responsibility. He should cruise his position. He’s shown deficient leadership,” she said.

A distinguished backbench MP who believes Corbyn should resign, said: “I’m going to contend so during a PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party). No doubt it will trickle after a meeting.

“I don’t consider Corbyn is a one many to censure for this. I’m positively mad with Boris Johnsons who lied, and lied and lied — and people believed that 8 million Turks were going to come here, they believed there would be 350 million pounds for a National Health Service (NHS).

“But there was also a disaster of Labour leadership. If we had campaigned better, we could have got another half a million votes for Remain.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair described Labour’s grant to a ‘Remain’ debate as “pretty lukewarm”.

Lord Mandelson, a former Labour Deputy Prime Minister and fan of Blair, pronounced Jeremy Corbyn’s voice had been “curiously muted” during a campaign. “But when he did contend anything there were churned messages.”

Corbyn spent many of his domestic life arguing for Britain to leave a EU. He voted opposite signing vital treaties with a EU in 1992 and 2007, though during a referendum he campaigned on a guarantee that if a nation voted ‘Remain’, he would lead a debate to remodel it from within.

Unlike other Labour total such as Mayor Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn refused to share a height with David Cameron, a preference that cost him opportunities to strech a mass assembly during a campaign.

One consult suggested that half of Labour healthy supporters did not know a celebration was in foster of ‘Remain’.

News that Labour MPs wish to use a post-referendum predicament as an event to reject him will come as no warn to a Labour leader’s office.


A leaked duplicate of a lecture paper drawn adult by Jeremy Corbyn’s staff was environment arguments to answers to those who contend Corbyn shares some of a censure a better of a ‘Remain’ side.

The request argues that Labour electorate used a referendum to “kick a Conservative government”, and claims: “Corbyn has showed that he is distant closer to a centre of sobriety of a British open than other politicians. He is now a usually politician who can combine a divided country, as he can pronounce to both sides.”