Bridal Designer Maria Kamenskaya Discusses Spring 2017 Wedding Décor Trends

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Photo: AGI Studio 

For embarressed brides who are formulation to tie a tangle this spring, a months forward will certainly be spent perfecting spousal décor for a large day. Recently, Real Style had a eventuality to discuss with Russian spousal engineer Maria Kamenskaya, who was in Toronto for a 2017 WedLuxe Show. While formed in Moscow, a gifted Kamenskaya done her North American entrance with an perplexing floral designation during a spousal show. Known for her elaborate fact and passion for blooms, a engineer draws her artistic appetite from a runways and beyond. We held adult with Kamenskaya about pivotal Spring 2017 marriage pattern trends, favourite materials, a season’s many desired hues and more.

Real Style: Tell us some-more about hosting your designation during a WedLuxe Show in Toronto. How was this experience?

Maria: We were preoccupied by a WedLuxe show, tender with a high quality, character and pleasing artwork. We follow Western trends in Russia and try to use a same principles. Personally, we could not have  missed how good a designers work with flowers and their high standards of work. There are no difference to report my appreciation to Angela Desveaux, a owners of Wedluxe Magazine, who managed to classify this eventuality on such a large scale and turn of excellence, and build a really veteran clever team.

Also, we wish to appreciate Flowers Time and Engineered Arts for formulating a design, prolongation and installation. Everything was built positively from scratch, that stage, lights designation and tons of flowers! It took them some-more than 3 weeks of consistent work and 3 days for a installation. Also a large appreciate we to organizers and sponsors who helped me to come to Toronto and be partial of this implausible show, generally Opus Events Production in Toronto and Ailiks Events in Moscow.

Photo: masha_kamenskaya on Instagram 

Real Style: What are your favourite sources of artistic inspiration?

Maria: My categorical impulse is always a couple. They tell me about themselves, their life story and dreams. In that accurate moment, we get arrange of a prophesy and enlightenment, and a thesis is created. Later, a work of origination takes place depending on what we are aiming for. For instance, ideas for a marriage can be found in cinema and plays. Also, conform designs can be used as an impulse to emanate a conform story. A unison can be another source of impulse to emanate an considerable show.

Real Style: What are a vital trends in marriage pattern for 2017?

Maria: Talking about trends is not always an easy task. A lot of things count on a couple’s wishes, dreams and other factors. Sometimes a new take on an aged trend can do a pretence with a small bit some-more creativity and imagination. Besides, a enterprise to make one`s possess marriage singular was a new trend of a final season. This bent has not been totally employed and many expected will be carried on this year.

Clothing designers have a penetrating clarity of these new directions. They most demeanour into a future. Some of their ideas can be incorporated into marriage decor. For example, splendid pints and singular multiple of colours. However, we trust that one should turn a trendsetter rather than blindly follow a trend.

Real Style: Do we have any favourite interior designers?

Maria: At a moment, we are desirous by a Designlab Experience designers from Dubai. The scale of their work and projects can't be replicated in Russia, due to some financial limitations. But it is a idea to strech a same level.

Real Style: What are some pivotal colour trends for Spring 2017 weddings?

Maria: PANTONE has announced Greenery as a colour for this season. It will be a smart colour as a thoughtfulness of nature, along with other colours that are compared with it or in a same group

Real Style: Tell us about your favourite materials to pattern with.

Maria: We suffer experimenting with new fabrics and anticipating artistic solutions for a projects. It all depends on a vision. For instance, if we wish to emanate a special atmosphere, we would work with opposite lights and uplights. The best element to make decorations for a events is Styrofoam. Also, we mostly use plastic, opposite kind of draping and milled elements, nonetheless special welfare is given to flowers. 

Real Style: Have a Spring 2017 runways and conform trends desirous your work?

Maria: Gucci had a really considerable collection with a selected elements, multiple of surprising materials and visual illusions. Roberto Cavalli’s collection tender with informative mixtures and fabrics. These tendencies can be really useful in marriage decoration.