Bristol and Watershed to horde UK’s initial open trials on new 5G testbed

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Across a dual days, Bristol audiences are invited to knowledge a intensity of 5G by confidant new works by artists, researchers and creatives, from Uninvited Guests and Duncan Speakman’s protracted existence theatre, to Kaleider’s practical existence dance, and distinguished artist Joanie Lemercier’s audio-visual tour opposite a creation alongside a programme of vicious talks and record demonstrations.

The UK Government’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) are investing in a world-class 5G record exam network that aims to put Britain during a forefront of a subsequent call of mobile record and Bristol has been awarded a share of £16 million to rise a cutting-edge 5G UK Test Networks – the Layered Realities Weekend 5G Showcase is partial of this exam network.

The Smart Internet Lab is one of usually 3 investigate institutions in a UK selected to rise this cutting-edge record and in partnership with Watershed, are creation it accessible for extraordinary audiences to knowledge and examination with a artistic possibilities of this subsequent era of wireless for a initial time.

In further to a artistic practice a weekend will also be horde to a array of talks from a 5G Fellows, a conspirator of 4 vicious thinkers and makers who will share their artistic responses to a impact of this new record on a society.

The Smart Internet Lab, led by Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, has also combined a array of initial demonstrations, showcasing an array of trailblazing 5G technologies. These presentations will operation from new radio and wireless-fibre joining to network automation, open reserve and unconstrained cars.

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, Director of the Smart Internet Lab at University of Bristol, said: “The Smart Internet Lab is a universe personality in a margin of 5G network technologies. In Mar 2018 we are holding a plea to broach an end-to-end 5G network in Bristol’s Millennium Square and to denote for a initial time 5G services to a ubiquitous public. We have worked closely with a vital record partners BT, CCS, Nokia and Zeetta Networks in sequence to broach a truly singular 5G Test Network and we are really vehement to emanate a world’s initial open 5G experience.”

Audiences are invited to try for themselves a advantages of Massive MIMO, a game-changing record that will severely boost network ability and opening while shortening network congestion.

Event attendees will also have a event of observation a genuine time delivery sent from a connected unconstrained car (CAV), parked in Millennium Square for a era of a weekend. Wireless connectivity is one of a underpinning technologies permitting a CAVs to renovate from unconstrained systems to mild entities around collaborative sensor sharing.

5G is a reinvention of a internet for an always connected, interactive world. Above ground, it will offer massively increasing speed, ability and trustworthiness compared to 3G and 4G. In addition, 5G represents a operation of companion technologies that will supercharge a internet, charity a outrageous boost in bandwidth, permitting some-more things to bond during once, and shortening latency. This will meant seamless connectivity opposite a city for services like high clarification real-time streamed media, protracted realities and improved doing of a Internet of things as good as vital intensity for creation work for/with crowds.

Clare Reddington, Creative Director, Watershed, added: “We are anxious to be means to offer a open a possibility to inspect subsequent era wireless connectivity by these initial events – we have asked artists, researchers and creatives to furnish confidant new works that try a capability and intensity of 5G and a outcome is a Layered Realities Weekend 5G Showcase. Technology and enlightenment are inseparable – a Layered Realities weekend explores not usually how artists competence pull a possibilities of 5G, though also try how this record competence fit into a lives of people in new and transformative ways.”

Source: University of Bristol

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