BuzzFeed’s Matthew Henick takes calm purpose during Facebook

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Matthew Henick, before a conduct of BuzzFeed Studios, is fasten Facebook’s media partnerships team, where he will offer as conduct of calm formulation and strategy.

In a post on Facebook, Henick argued that a amicable network is “a storytelling height during a core,” and it sounds like he wants to assistance Facebook take advantage of those storytelling opportunities:

Good stories pull a assembly in, though good stories lower a audience’s tie to any other. The destiny of storytelling is social. As media learns to swing a advantages of a digital world, a totally new video knowledge is rising on mobile, with a intensity for amicable and interactivity that we’re usually commencement to tap. It resists silos like “first” and “second screens.” we consider everybody in a universe should be means to hold this knowledge — either they wish to devour it, emanate for it or even monetize it — in a singular, one way. Facebook is in an extraordinary position to offer that. It’s a transparent prolongation of a company’s goal to move a universe closer together.

Even during BuzzFeed, it sounds like Henick’s purpose was to bond digital media with some-more normal forms of storytelling — he led a organisation focused on branch BuzzFeed calm into TV array and feature-length films. BuzzFeed announced progressing this year that it was restructuring a party group.

Facebook, meanwhile, launched a new Watch territory final year where users can check out strange shows.