Bystanders Document Police Brutality in Chicago [Video Not Suitable for Children]

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ChicagoOfficers from a Chicago Police Department were videotaped assaulting an unclear think in a center of a road. The heartless attempted detainment took place on a 3900 retard of West Grenshaw Street and South Pulaski Road in North Lawndale. On Jun 13, 2016, Videographer for Guardian Liberty Voice, Untrail D. Boyd perceived presentation of a video taken by a bystander of the assault.

The officers concerned seem to be plain clothed. One is attempting to catch a chairman of seductiveness and a other clearly does not wish a bystander to be taping a attack holding place. The male underneath a officer has his pants around his knees and he is clearly struggling opposite a officer’s full weight on his body. The officer yanked during a man’s hair and kept yelling, “Don’t we punch me!”

After a second officer called for backup he walked over and kicked a male in a head, that seemed to have temporarily irrational him. The whole time the videographer was being yelled during to put a phone down.

Once a backup officers arrived a officer who kicked a male assimilated in a dogpile adding his full weight opposite a chairman of interest. A third officer ran over to a entertainment crowd. The video of a attack stopped shortly thereafter.

According to witnesses, a male was ecstatic from a site by ambulance. The condition of a male is unknown.

Guardian Liberty Voice will yield updates as they turn available.

Written by Cathy Milne
Contributor Untrial D. Boyd


Phone Interview: Untrail D. Boyd

Featured Image Courtesy of C Holmes’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Top Image Courtesy of Untrail D. Boyd – Used With Permission
Video Courtesy of Terrance Hustler

Bystanders Document Police Brutality in Chicago [Video Not Suitable for Children] combined by Cathy Milne on Jun 13, 2016
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