Calima Sunset

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Some sunsets on a Canary Islands are eerily subdued. They demeanour as if a object were stealing behind a skinny deceive of gauze. This conditions is famous by a nomination Calima, a Spanish name, that has crossed a denunciation barriers as a continue condition crosses a borders of countries and infrequently even continents.


What causes this meteorological phenomenon? The Calima emanates from a unconstrained dunes of a Sahara desert, where storms of huge proportions lift little particles of silt into high layers of a atmosphere. The Sirocco breeze afterwards carries these excellent dirt grains over a western Maghreb countries and passes a Canary Islands, where it saturates a differently crispy transparent skies with hot, dry haze. An design of NASA’s Aqua satellite shows a Calima conditions from orbit.

With Calima active on a Canary Islands a daytime sky looks milky-white or even brownish-gray. In a night usually a brightest stars are visible, frequency improved than light-polluted city skies. However, as eve approaches a Calima turns a nightfall into an memorable illusory experience. The object hovers above a setting like a resounding disk, a steer that leaves one gaping during a home star in dumbfounded awe.


The nightfall was imaged by plan nightflight from an altitude of 1300 meters on La Palma island on Jun 7, 2015. The dual comparison cinema uncover a outcome a Calima mist has on a sky. The cinema were shot from accurately a same mark on La Palma on dual opposite days in a summer of 2014. The left design is a standard transparent blue La Palma sky with all radiant in splendid sunlight. In a design on a right a Calima view is of low contrast, a colors are faded and a sky’s blue has incited white.

Source: Project Nightflight