Can You See a Great Galactic Horse from Your Observing Site?

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You are propitious if we can answer this doubt with yes, since this means we have entrance to glorious dim skies. The Dark Horse Nebula, also famous as The Prancing Horse, is a outrageous dim effluvium that obscures partial of a brightest regions of a Milky Way. It can usually be seen from unequivocally dim places.

Credit: plan nightflight

Any volume of light wickedness or light will problematic this vast segment of dust. Haze or other dampness in a atmosphere will also forestall we from saying a Great Dark Horse in a night sky. If it is visible, it is unequivocally big. It stretches opposite scarcely 10 degrees in a top gush of a Milky Way and resembles a conformation of a prancing equine as seen from a side. Ten degrees is about a distance of your fist with your arm stretched out. Currently, a Great Galactic Horse is manifest in a south to a right of a Milky Way’s core during astronomical dusk.

In this plan nightflight design a equine even has a rider. The splendid world Saturn is seen horseback-riding on a nape of a neck of a silhouetted horse. It was shot in Jun 2017, when Saturn upheld by a constellation Ophiuchus, a Serpent Bearer.

What creates this design even some-more special is that it was photographed with a DSLR and a 50mm lens but regulating any form of tracking device. We used a special technique we grown for untracked astrophotography. The thought is to fire a lot of identical exposures during unequivocally high ISO ratings and keep a singular exposures so brief that no tracking is needed. In a stacking module a particular frames can afterwards be digitally total to emanate a final noise-free picture.

If we wish to know some-more about how to fire untracked astro-images like this, follow this couple to the website where we will find a finish PDF educational how to do this.

Source: Project Nightflight

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