Caste label vs Hindutva card: Why Bihar is marching towards a tragedy

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By Ajay Singh

Just a day before a Patna convene of a Grand Secular Alliance on Aug 30, posters came adult all opposite a city derisive a claims of a Bihar government. The BJP had delicately designed a timing of  their debate to take a breeze out of Nitish Kumar’s debate that says “Bihar me bahar ho, Nitish Kumar ho (Bihar will pullulate if Nitish Kumar wins).”

Much in a cover of a personality-based hi-tech debate that Narendra Modi has come to be famous for, a days preceding a convene saw lakhs of Patna adults being serenaded by Nitish Kumar, who sent audio invitations on mobile phones to join a Swabhiman rally. This is frequency startling since handling this complicated amicable media-centric debate is Prashant Kishore, who was one of a many who rubbed Modi’s 2014 campaign. Of course, there are doubts on either Bihar is prepared for such a campaign. However, set opposite this backdrop of a cutting-edge digital warfare, a Swabhiman convene is vivid in a contrariety of old-world realpolitik on display.

Image courtesy: PTIImage courtesy: PTI

Image courtesy: PTI

To accommodate a plea acted by Narendra Modi, Nitish has combined a bizarre hybrid of his possess worldly amicable media selling strategies and Lalu Yadav’s frozen-in-time domestic idioms.

In a hubbub of this marketing-driven choosing campaign, a many worrying aspect about Bihar is being ignored. Political idioms and controversial statements are being liberally used to take a state behind to a awful past when standing severity paid abounding domestic dividends.

Lalu Prasad played a label to a knob and warned a top castes, quite Bhumihars, in not-so-subtle ways, of ushering in Mandal partial II in a state. “This not a Bihar of pre-nineties,” he admitted from a dais most to a blow of not only Nitish yet also Congress boss Sonia Gandhi, whose support bottom enclosed top castes.

In Bihar’s society, standing cleavages run so low that Lalu’s tongue to sustain standing hostilities has measureless intensity to display a error lines. Only a week back, this came to a front in Arah where top castes and OBCs came to blows. There are pockets via a state where standing rivalries are being stoked to light adult a domestic quarrel of a year.

This is one side of a story. The other is equally worrying. According to annals of a a Bihar administration, Hindutva army are no reduction dynamic in their efforts to polarise a citizens on eremite lines. A comparison functionary of a Bihar supervision admits that a military are overstretched in communally supportive districts. “Everyday, we get reports of teenager incidents holding community overtones,” he says. Nitish appears to see it as a partial of incomparable swindling to dissapoint his standing calculations.

By all indications, Bihar is marching fundamentally towards a tragedy. Contrast this conditions with a new confidence that had emerged in Bihar about 8 years ago. After decades of non-governance, Nitish resurrected Bihar’s institutions of governance and gave a new wish to a people. Girls roving bicycles in groups to schools combined a new imagery defying a classify of an uncontrolled and ungovernable Bihar. Just after his overwhelming 2010 re-election, Nitish had admitted that his “last conflict would be to absolved Bihar of casteism” altogether.

The Swabhiman convene is zero reduction than a tragedy for Bihar, as it was a convene that saw Nitish sitting passively listening to Lalu’s contemptuous standing rants. Lalu’s warning that he and Nitish, sons of OBCs, would move behind classes underneath a grand coalition’s domestic powerful literally flew in a face of all that Nitish has stood for all these years. Lalu’s plan of stoking standing hostilities might compensate evident electoral dividends, yet it will run discordant to Nitish’s ‘new Bihar’ narrative. Nobody knows that improved than Nitish.

In this context, yet Gandhi Maidan was superfluous with people brought in from opposite a state by a Grand Secular Alliance, a Patna convene will be remembered for a transparent domestic proceed of reviving a awful lost past. Of course, Lalu’s tongue did not electrify a crowds as it used to behind in a nineties. But it would be genuine to take condolence from this ease during a aspect level, as there are transparent signs of attempts during a aroused stirring one blemish underneath a surface.