CBI charges Peter Mukerjea in Sheena Bora murder case: Is this approach complaint of Mumbai military or Rakesh Maria?

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Media nobleman Peter Mukerjea was charged with murder and rapist swindling in a Sheena Bora murder case. Peter now faces a same charges as mother Indrani Mukerjea, who was arrested by a Mumbai Police in Aug after a stays of her daughter Sheena were found in a jungle, 80 kilometres from Mumbai.

Peter was arrested on Thursday night and was booked underneath Section 201 of a Indian Penal Code, that relates to causing a disappearance of justification of offence, or providing fake information. It is engaging to note that given CBI took over a ghastly murder box in September, Peter went from being a person who was merely questioned by a Mumbai military to being a primary indicted in a case.

After holding over a box underneath hostile circumstances, a CBI on Thursday filed a ‘1,000-page’ chargesheet in a box opposite Indrani, her former father Sanjeev Khanna and motorist Shyamvar Rai. It was a latter’s matter that as per Times Now reported, ‘nailed Peter’.

Former military commissioner Rakesh Maria and media aristocrat Peter Mukerjea. Image courtesy: IBNLiveFormer military commissioner Rakesh Maria and media aristocrat Peter Mukerjea. Image courtesy: IBNLive

Former military commissioner Rakesh Maria and media aristocrat Peter Mukerjea. Image courtesy: IBNLive

Peter had been ‘evasive’ when CBI started questioning a case, that eventually led to his arrest, sources were quoted as observant by The Economic Times. The CBI suspected Peter’s impasse after a investigators they figured that a media nobleman was giving contradictory responses on Sheena’s murder. The Indian Express quotes a CBI central as saying, “She has given adequate indications… he knew of a murder.”

This also brings us to a essential question. Is a CBI detain of Peter a approach complaint of Mumbai Police and former military commissioner Rakesh Maria? Let’s take a demeanour during how things altered from a time former tip patrolman Rakesh Maria was pulled off a investigation, till Friday when a media aristocrat was arrested and charged for murder.

Rakesh Maria’s remarkable and quick dismissal from a post of military commissioner of Mumbai underneath a guise of him being promoted to a post of a Director General of Home Guards, lifted some-more questions than answers in early September.

As Firstpost reported earlier, a pivotal reason for a ouster, had seemed to be Maria’s overzealous and overprotective review into a Sheena Bora murder box that has been creation headlines for a past dual weeks and that burnished a Mumbai Crime Branch on a wrong side.

According to sources, corner commissioner of police, Crime Branch, Atul Kulkarni, was miffed during being left out of what would have been a bread-and-butter box for his team.

This disavowal in a moment review arm of a city police, apparently led Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to sequence a watchful enquiry by Additional Chief Secretary (Home) KP Bakshi. The Crime Branch voiced a warn over a approach a box was literally hijacked by a chief. In normal course, this box would have landed adult on Kulkarni’s desk within a few days. This is customarily finished to keep a military stations giveaway from a weight of perplexing investigations so as to demeanour after normal law and sequence duties.

This gathering was clearly disregarded in a Sheena Bora murder case. Maria took personal seductiveness in interrogating a primary indicted during a Khar military hire thrice. There was heavy speculation that Maria knew Peter and Indrani from earlier, an claim that was vehemently refuted by a former tip cop. Meanwhile, former Mumbai military arch Satyapal Singh had afterwards combined beef to a conjecture when he told CNN-IBN, “There has to be something, because else a transfer? we have listened he was tighten to Peter Mukerjea.”

Following a watchful enquiry, that need not have been watchful during all deliberation that Maria was creation no skeleton of a fact that he had taken over this case, a arch apportion chided Maria, in a devious way, of course, that he wished a military took such seductiveness in elucidate all crimes.

“Police have shown a lot of impasse and courtesy in a box that is in a media spotlight. It should compensate identical courtesy to other cases that do not get media focus,” Fadnavis had told a media.

Maria had himself interrogated a accused, including Indrani Mukerjea and Sanjeev Khanna, that was unusual. As an NDTV news in Sep 2015 said, Maria was also frequently holding press conferences about a box notwithstanding not carrying given any talk given he was done Mumbai Police chief.