Cheese Tea Is An Online Sensation, But Is It Healthy?

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The name alone grabs attention. Cheese tea has been fast gaining in recognition and has turn an online prodigy with people both confused and intrigued. What is cheese tea? Its accurately as we would suppose it, it’s tea surfaced with cheese. Cheese tea originated in Taiwan and has been gaining in recognition in cities around a world.

Cheese tea is many ordinarily done with a matcha or herbal tea and is surfaced surfaced with a churned cheese foam. It can be served prohibited or cold.

Jenny Zheng, owners of Little Fluffy Head Cafe in Los Angeles, told ABC News she initial listened of a splash and tasted it while vital in China in 2016. She motionless to move a judgment behind with her to California. “At initial it was surprising. But when we attempted it, it was refreshingly good and well-balanced with a tea flavor,” Zheng said. “I wanted to have my possess tea emporium in a states and not many people here knew about cheese tea, so it was a really new concept.” Zheng pronounced many shops via a U.S. have combined their possess versions of a splash with a well-spoken and tawny churned cheese topping. “We put milk, defeat cream, pinkish salt and sugar, that creates it some-more pointed and can be interconnected with any kind of tea,” Zheng said.

So, is cheese tea healthy? While tea itself is really healthy, adding toppings like cheese can dramatically boost a calorie count. So, keep that in mind when you’re in line for cheese tea in your town!


Photo: Little Fluffy Head Cafe