Chefs Chuck Hughes And Danny Smiles On Their Show “Chuck and Danny’s Road Trip”

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The phrases “maple syrup” and “poutine” mostly come to mind when one thinks of Canadian cuisine. After all, these flavours are mostly exclusively compared with a True North. However, Montreal-based chefs Chuck Hughes and Danny Smiles trust that a Canuck palette is a immeasurable one, and that a varying tastes of a nation are shabby by both land and sea.

Hughes is a co-owner of Montreal restaurants Garde Manger and Le Bremner, while Smiles is a prepare and partner during Le Bremner. As a co-hosts of a new Food Network Canada uncover Chuck and Danny’s Road Trip, Hughes and Smiles are venturing opposite Canada in an RV on a culinary trip. The energetic twin has trafficked from seashore and coast, and also explored a Maritimes, where they tapped into their passion for Canadian seafood. While Hughes jokingly told us that a “answer is chocolate”, many of their must-have mixture can indeed be found in a water.

Real Style spoke to a dual culinary experts about their knowledge formulating dishes in an RV, their signature dishes and their adore of cooking.

Episode 2 of Chuck and Danny’s Road Trip front tonight during 9 p.m. ET on Food Network Canada.

Real Style: What can we tell us about your new food adventure, Chuck and Danny’s Road Trip?

Chuck: We got into an RV and we left it all behind for a 6 week outing opposite a country. We went to Salt Spring Island; we were in Prince Edward County, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island. Along a way, we met farmers, foragers and chefs who helped us accumulate ingredients. Every partial finishes off with a good feast, where we prepare for all a people who have helped us along a way. The whole thing is about food, travel, camping and unresolved out with my friend [Danny].

Real Style: Tell us some-more about a hurdles of cooking in an RV!

Danny: The hurdles were unequivocally cooking a feast for 12-20 people out of an RV and regulating an open flame. On a initial episode, we did a 43-pound roast. It’s on for 4 hours, usually got to play a watchful game. The hurdles are that you’re outdoors, it competence rain, a object is going to set. There are all these things that we don’t unequivocally consider about when you’re operative in your kitchen. A lot of a people who join a feast are people who showcase their food, so there was a lot of highlight that way, though it came through.

Real Style: What desirous your passion for a culinary arts?

Chuck: I consider it started with a passion for eating. Both of us are unequivocally desirous by a families and a moms to prepare during a immature age. we never unequivocally suspicion of anything some-more than that. It incited into my initial job, and afterwards a profession. Here we are now, 25 years later, and I’m still soaking dishes- and amatory it!

Real Style: Do we have any favourite ingredients?

Chuck: I like seafood in general. we feel when we have unequivocally good peculiarity Canadian seafood; we don’t unequivocally need to do most to it. It’s usually some of a best in a world. It also has this kind of briny, tainted peculiarity to it, that we don’t have to deteriorate much. You can use a healthy flavours of a sea to your benefit.

Danny: I like a lot of cheese. Cheese is great. You can use it in opposite ways. we adore that, seafood as good and unequivocally a lot of fish. We are unequivocally ocean-oriented during both restaurants behind home. A good olive oil is always something that we need, in a pantry.

Real Style: Chuck, you’re a executive prepare of Garde Manger and Le Bremner. What can we tell us about your grill experiences?

Chuck: They are dual small, 60-seat restaurants in Montreal, focused on mostly unequivocally simple, good food. We combine especially on Canadian seafood, and a small bit of all else. Our genuine passion in both restaurants is fish and seafood. My initial restaurant, Garde Manger, is in a 11th year and afterwards a sixth year during Le Bremner. Danny became a partner during Le Bremner final year, and has been a large partial of a grill success given a beginning. You’re usually as good as your final dish, so we’re propitious we have extraordinary teams in both restaurants.  

Real Style: What are your signature dishes?

Chuck: I consider for a chef, to have a signature plate is a tough doubt to answer. On one, we don’t wish to be compared indispensably with usually one thing that we consider we competence do well. On a other side, you’ve got to dedicate to owning adult to certain things. For me, if there’s anything that would paint me and my character of cooking, it would be a seafood platter. Maybe a ideally shucked oyster with a bit of lemon and cocktail salsa or mignonette sauce.

Photos: Food Network Canada