Chow Chow Missing Her Mom Has Emotional Reaction To FaceTime Call

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As a dog parent, we always feel guilty when we have to leave a house.

As shortly as we travel out a door, we hear my dual pups howling, an evident pointer of how most they’ll skip me while I’m gone. Our honeyed doggos adore spending as most time with us as possible. That’s because it’s so tough for them when we aren’t there, generally for extended periods. One changed Chow Chow was so unfortunate about her owners being divided for 3 weeks that she could hardly pierce herself to pierce off a couch. But interjection to FaceTime, she still got to discuss to her mom.

Watch as this unfortunate puppy tells Mom accurately how she feels about her business trip.


Poor thing! Dogs are a best, and we unequivocally don’t merit them.