Cleanest engine of a destiny – Horizon Prizes

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The purpose of this esteem is to kindle a expansion of subsequent era engine and powertrain technologies regulating required fuels. This should revoke emissions of pollutants in genuine pushing conditions to a lowest turn probable in sequence to urge atmosphere peculiarity issues in European cities, while during a same time delivering improved fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions underneath a same picturesque exam conditions.

Why this Prize?

Health impacts due to atmosphere peculiarity issues in European cities need to be addressed in a prolonged tenure along with a decarbonisation of transport.

This esteem aims during shortening a wickedness constructed by destiny new vehicles regulating possibly gasoline or diesel fuels and their low biofuel blends accessible on a market. While hybridisation and foundation are approaching to play an critical role, a rebate of emissions by required engines will still be important.

Supporting information:

  • According to a European Environment Agency atmosphere wickedness is a tip environmental risk cause of beforehand genocide in Europe
  • Tests attest that on-road NOX emissions of light-duty diesel vehicles differ almost between laboratory contrast and tangible on-road driving, with normal discrepancies of 4-7 times even for really new vehicles
  • WHO studies exhibit that bearing to atmosphere pollutants during pregnancy has been compared with inauspicious birth outcomes, including reduced foetal growth, pre-term birth and extemporaneous abortions
  • Recent studies on atmosphere wickedness advise that bearing in early life can significantly impact childhood expansion and trigger diseases like allergies, asthma or diabetes after in life


The Horizon Prize for a Cleanest Engine of a Future will be awarded to participants entrance adult with a resolution integrated in a complement prototype, that will be means to demonste rebate of emissions of pollutants and obscure fuel expenditure in genuine pushing conditions but inspiring a operational capabilities of a vehicle.


The competition was launched on 20 Apr 2016 with a deadline on 20 Aug 2019. Potential participants are speedy to register for a competition by 20 May 2019. Prize will be awarded in early 2020.

The manners of competition are available online.


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