Cole Griego Comes to Real MMA XVI to Win

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Cole Griego started churned martial humanities when he was 13. He started Jiu-jitsu with his father during a gym opposite a street. They both now fell in adore with a martial art and began competing in tournaments.
Then, Griego got into kickboxing and after his initial kickboxing smoker, he motionless there was no branch back.

He wrestled in high propagandize for a year though motionless to concentration usually on MMA since it was some-more intense.
Chris Rojas and Griego wrestled in high propagandize and they still sight together. Both fighters contend they are a best and devise to go pro in 2018. Griego says he is a citation and some-more gifted than any competition Real MMA can find.

He loves to fight, though he loves to win more. He wants someone to get in a ring who is not fearful to crash with him for a initial round. He is sleepy of writing opponents and afterwards carrying them dive for his legs.
Regardless of a opponent, Griego trains to fight. He might demeanour adult a fighter’s record and watch a few videos, though a diversion devise is a same: Get in, hit him out, take a win. The training routine remains: Train all aspects of a diversion to take a win.

Griego wants to be challenged. He wants to quarrel someone value his time and effort. He trains during a best gym with a best trainers in a world: Joey Villasenor, Mike Winkeljohn, and Andrew Tennason. He even has taken some Judo classes. Griego is looking to quarrel tough and often. His idea is to go pro by a finish of a year.

His new promo video might make people consider he does not honour for a sport. He respects his associate fighters and churned martial arts. They hype draws attention. Griego likes to speak pound to get pumped adult before a quarrel and presumably essence out his opponent. After a fight, however, he leaves it all in a ring.

When asked because he wanted to lapse to Real MMA Griego said, “Rudy is awesome. The approach he treats a fighters and promotes them can't be beat. Real MMA does not disappoint.”

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By Jeanette Smith

Cole Griego Comes to Real MMA XVI to Win combined by Jeanette Smith on Dec 12, 2017
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