Commentary: About a MoNage Conference

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On Mar 21 – 23, 2017 a discussion on present messengers and chatbots, orderly by Jeff Pulver took place in San Jose, California. It was a good ominous eventuality in this field, that evoked many certain emotions in a participants and guests.

At this discussion there were member of such giants as: Google, IBM, Facebook, Twillio, Cisco and others.

The Octaine, Pandorabots, Alterra and other platforms were also presented.

Investors, including Khosla Ventures, spoke. In general, 3 days of a discussion were really prolific and high-charged. The usually thing we always bewail about during a finish is that we did not have time to promulgate with everyone.

Highlights of a conference

First. Jeff’s debate was really impressive. He believes that we are entering a new epoch of communication. He calls this epoch Convosphere or a Internet of People. A evil underline of this epoch lies in a fact that people will promulgate with machines regulating a tellurian language. The film “Her”, where a categorical impression falls in adore with his handling system. comes to mind during once. Of course, this is still distant away, though a fact that it will severely change a destiny seems to me already accomplished.

Second. Private investors and supports representatives, including Khosla Ventures took a building too. They have already begun to name companies for their portfolio. This means that a seductiveness in start-ups, traffic with synthetic comprehension and appurtenance learning, is picking up.

Third. The Pandorabots and Octaine platforms were presented, a creators of that told about their marketplace as a whole. It is engaging that Octaine captivated some-more than 1.5 million dollars of private investments into a project.

Fourth. Bots-influencers, a bots, communicating with a assembly on interest of typical persons, were introduced. Nowadays personal chatbots are gaining popularity. Anyone can emanate their possess chatbot to promulgate with a audience. And this communication will be personal. This kind of chatbot has a special interest to celebrities and open people. It is famous that these people most do not review comments to their posts and even reduction mostly conflict to them. So their fans and supporters miss personal communication with their idols. Any chairman can emanate a chatbot so that other people could promulgate with him. We find this proceed really earnest for a future.

Fifth. Real cases of regulating chatbots, for example, for doubt business and collecting feedback, were presented. Namely: Sephora’s business case: due to a new approach of communication (via texting) with a patron a association understands most improved a customer’s needs.

Sixth. It is inestimable mentioning a debate of Amit Shafrir from Quiv, who told about a forms of emoji and how to use them. I, personally, had no thought that a common “no” could be created in so many opposite ways, and any box would have totally opposite connotation. If we wish to get a master category on a topic: how to get proficient around association and how to control it, Amita is a best to tell we about it.

Seventh. An IBM representative’s debate was also attention-grabbing. As usual, we were presented an IBM super-brain. It’s extraordinary how many of all they have in this complement and how concept it is. At a same time, we consider that IBM plays deceit when observant that it is easy to emanate a chatbot regulating their framework. Their demos on Youtube uncover that IBM offers a resolution for developers, not for users, since it’s not  easy during all to emanate and configure one’s personal chatbot regulating IBM Watson.

Eighth. As it incited out many people today elite to promulgate regulating messengers instead of emaiI or Skype. One of a managers of a Facebook plan even joked or maybe didn’t, that if he had to use email, he would quit. In fact, this is a poignant change in a common coordinates of communication.

In general, many discussion participants concluded that this marketplace was still immature and a intensity business were still to be educated.

In end I’d like to appreciate Jeff  Pulver for a good classification of a discussion and wish him success in a future. Let a series of his associates and members of a chatbot village usually grow!

Written by George Fomitchev, owner of

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