Compact and Lightweight Bike Lock

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Ottolock is a new string close for both cyclists who need a lightweight, compact, and secure solution. It works radically like a large cut-resistant zip-tie.

It is an 18-mm far-reaching rope coated in plastic, inside of it there are 4 bands of high-temper immaculate steel, along with one done of Kevlar. Those middle bands slip opposite one another, shortening shear army practical by collection such as shaft cutters. The conduct of a device is done of impact-resistant aluminum, and has a three-digit user-resettable multiple lock. When not in use, it can be coiled down to a 76-mm hole loop, and pressed in a saddle pack.

To recover a lock, we only pivotal in a combo. According to a company, thieves perplexing to slice a rope by a conduct but unlocking it would have to request over 227 kg of force.

There is a Kickstarter crowdfunding debate ongoing for this plan that has already surpassed a strange idea of $50,000 scarcely four times over. Shipping is approaching from February 2017. The device is demonstrated in a promo video below.

Source: Kickstarter