Confetti Eyeliner- This New Makeup Fad Promises To Get The Party Started

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Photo: katiejanehughes on Instagram

With makeup trends like burble eyeliner and confused eyeliner reigning supreme, a eyes truly have it this season. In fact, a latest Summer 2016 beauty breakthrough takes a demeanour of impassioned eye makeup one step serve with an additional sip of sparkle.

Known as confetti eyeliner, a latest eye makeup demeanour consists of dots of shine practical as swift liner. The extreme cat eye has strictly been towering to a subsequent level, with confetti desirous shine charity an shimmering finish.

On Instagram, makeup mavens are posting variations on a trend, with a few dauntless souls sporting rainbow confetti liner. Meanwhile, some-more understated takes on a demeanour engage lead shine and stimulating silver.

If you’re sport for a confidant new dusk statement, confetti eyeliner only might be what we need to get into a celebration spirit. With nights out and unavoidable journey on a horizon, we can see shimmering cat eyes wise into a season’s trends. After all, there’s zero utterly like a spirit of flicker to move new life to your visage!


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