Console That Makes Your Phone A Smart TV

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SlimPort Nano Console creates your smartphone a intelligent TV. It gives ability to:

  • Control your smartphone remotely from anywhere in a room.
  • Charge your smartphone.
  • Share your favorite media and apps on a large screen.

Your smartphone is able of using games and apps equal to those on PCs and consoles.


The enclosed C.T.R.L.R has a same plain build as a full-size, console gamepad for ultimate control over Android games:

  • LOW-LATENCY BLUETOOTH SMART – Bluetooth Smart record enables a super-fast data-exchange rate of 7ms (compared to 100ms for required wireless controllers), for reduced loiter and extended battery life.
  • INTEGRATED MEDIA CONTROLS – Control volume and playback of video and music.
  • MULTIPLAYER SUPPORT – Connect dual or some-more gamepads for multiplayer games.
  • MOUSE MODE – In this mode, a left analog hang controls your onscreen cursor. Ideal for touchscreen interaction.


Also we can bond a Bluetooth keyboard and rodent and spin your phone into an office.


The NANO∙CONSOLE has an additional HDMI pier built in so we can bond additional devices, such as a video player, but wanting to barter cables.




The Nano Console is adult for pre-orders over on Indiegogo. The simple package will cost $34 if we be one of a initial 200. After a Indiegogo debate closes, it’ll be labelled during $59. Shipping is estimated to start in Nov of 2015.


Source: Indiegogo