Controversial ‘Heidi Harris Show’ Taken Off Air

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“The Heidi Harris Show” has been called a “best locally constructed radio show” by Electronic Media Awards and Harris, “one of America’s 100 many critical radio hosts” by Talkers Magazine. Despite these claims, KXNT 840 AM, CBS Radio Las Vegas abruptly forsaken a argumentative radio uncover on Sept. 19, 2017.

Recently, Harris posted a criticism on a show’s Facebook page in response to an announcement compelling adoption from a Clark County Department of Family Services. The announcement showed dual group walking hand-in-hand with a child training to walk.

The criticism began, “Another not-so-subtle try to normalize something that is NOT normal. Even if this is normal for YOU, it’s not a best thing for a baby.” The criticism continued to explain that a ideal situation, for a child, is to be lifted by a married integrate of a conflicting sex. It was transparent she was referring to what she believed is best for a child.

The radio horde is obvious for pity her clever beliefs and opinions, in fact, it is since she was hired. However, Contact 13 common an email response to a KXNT AM listener from CBS Radio Las Vegas: “Please note, effective immediately, The Heidi Harris Show will no longer atmosphere on KXNT.”

A orator for CBS Radio, in New York, would not contend if a uncover was forsaken due to her controversial Facebook comments.

Harris has been pity her opinions on a atmosphere for roughly 20 years. In 1999, she was hired by KXNT for a weekend show. Soon, she was invited to co-host an award-winning radio uncover for 5 years. In Oct 2006, Harris motionless she wanted to go solo though “The Heidi Harris Show” did not turn a existence for 6 some-more months. It aired in Apr 2007, from 5-9 a.m. on KDNW. Her large mouth and dogmatic opinion warranted her a morning mark in Los Angeles and Riverside/San Bernardino. A year later, she came full round and returned to KXNT.

After she was fired, she posted on “The Heidi Harris Show” Facebook page:

Your right to giveaway debate is stable by government, not by your employer. That’s an critical distinction. An employer has a right to a corporate culture, and if they feel, righteously or wrongly, that an employee’s statements dispute with that culture, they have each right to get absolved of that person, even if a employee’s statements weren’t illegal.

She also referred to Kathy Griffin and her firing. She reminded people that Griffin was not censored; CNN motionless that her debate did not fit with their business enlightenment any longer. She is still giveaway to pronounce her mind, only not from a CNN platform.

Harris explained that when a trainer learns their worker is racist, they are mostly consummated since their values did not line adult with a corporation.

…would YOU wish to work with someone we saw on amicable media carrying a flame over a weekend?

“The Heidi Harris Show” aired on CBS KXNT 840 AM from 6-9 a.m. in Las Vegas. She was hired for her argumentative opinions. She has served her purpose, as distant as a radio hire is concerned, and is no longer needed.

By Jeanette Smith


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